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Code name: Kaminari

Unit name: &*%^&^**##$

Developed and Created by: Code Blue

Pilot: R^/|\13L

Classification: Super Robot


  • Mutable Matrix: Kaminari can shapeshift itself in limited forms, to best match the current situation. However, it cannot change itself more than its mass allows. It will always have the same amount of mass, and be limited to shapeshifting to that mass. The Mutable Matrix is one of the densest and strongest materials ever encountered, able to weather a nuclear explosion and emerge unscathed.
  • The Killing Fields:


  • Angelic Territory Field: An impenetrable shield, that protects Kaminari's Mutable Matrix.
  • 1x Stellar Core: At Kaminari's heart, revealed by the Mutable Matrix whenever Kaminari requires it, is a blood-red sphere. This is the Stellar Core, a unique energy weapon that has proven itself capable of destroying nearly anything fielded by either the Lion Empire or FAP. Capable of projecting the power of a fusion reaction into a single blast of energy, thus far its most impressive targets have been the battleship Uncivil Broker, former flagship of the 16th Royal Fleet of Rozarus; the entire defense network of the planet Gallomallet; and the moon of the planet Sirhanbnahris. They have all become void.

A mysterious weapon, given to the Lions by an even more mysterious race. Known only by their unique genetic signature, Code: Blue, they inhabit a cluster of giant nebulas surrounding a supermassive black hole near the edge of the galaxy. There are only five instances of visual contact with a member of Code Blue, and only 1 of successful communication, when Emperor Kijani negotiated an agreement with the inhabitants of the nebula. This resulted in Crush Engine being followed by what would be classified as 'Kaminari.'

Resembling a sky-blue spindle of crystal, Kaminari is considered the second-most powerful mecha in the Lion Empire's arsenal.

Pilot Bio


Species: Code Blue

Age: *9*

Gender: ***@#**$*#

It isn't known if Kaminari is actually piloted or if R^/|\13L is actually Kaminari itself.

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