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MB-02 'Mantiqu't'
F.A.P. MB-02.png
MB-02 prototype and custom designs.
Code name Mantiqu't
Unit name MB-02
Notable Pilot
  • Simon Vorbis
  • Elly Newman
  • Arnold Galfrey
  • Theodore Hunt
Origin Federation of Allied Planets
Creator CUM Industries
  • 1x Beam Katar
  • 4x Anti-air missiles
  • 1x PS-101 Burst Rifle
  • MB-02(A): 1x Strike Rifle
  • MB-02(B): 2x Assault Guns
  • MB-02(C): 1x Assault Launcher System
  • MB-02(D): 1x Guided Rifle
Classification Super Robot

The MB-02 'Mantiqu't' is a four-suit prototype series built by CUM Industries. The MB-02 is the latest in a long line of attempts at building effective flight-capable mecha. After several failed attempts at converting CF-06's into flight-capable models, CUM Industries decided to start from the ground up by designing a radically new mecha. Lightweight, fast, overpowered.


Carbon-Niobium-Titanium Composite
Designed to offer as much protection as a CF-06 with Trenchcoat while being as light as that of a Saber, the Mantiqu's armor is regarded as only a partial success. While it is indeed lighter than the CF-06's armor, it also harder to produce and form, which limits its mass-production potential. The armor is also completely without stealth capabilities; it reflects all forms of radiation and energy directed at it, absorbing only minute amounts of energy and heat.

Weapons and equipment

Beam Katar 
A weapon which projects a shaft of pure photonic energy, contained within a magnetic field. More than capable of cutting right through even the most advanced of mecha armor. The beam katar is a smaller, more nimble version of the beam sabre technology used in CF-06 units. Thanks to its reduced power cost, it has a longer activation time of fifty-two seconds.
PS-101 Burst Rifle 
A newer weapon that is given exclusively to eerial mecha. It has a long range and fires either single shots or in three-round bursts. Clips hold 12 shots. Its "scope" is actually a high-magnification camera which can feed its video stream right into the cockpit if the pilot desires. Designed as a support weapon, it has slightly less range than the PS-100, but its recoil surpressors ensure that all three shots fired in a burst will all hit in roughly the same area (usually the difference is measure in fractions of inches). Absolutely tears conventional weapons apart, and even some of the more powerful new mecha can be threatened by the PS-101's deadly burst.
Anti-Air Missiles 
High-powered missiles with multiple mini-thrusters, far more maneuverable than standard missiles.
PS-106 Strike Rifle 
A powerful, mecha-wielded railgun capable of penetrating battleship hulls. Developed for space-based CF-O6 units, the MB-02 possesses the power and agility to wield it in the atmosphere or on the surface.
PS-67 Assault Gun 
A rapid-fire, heavy assault weapon designed to shred through formations of strike craft and conventional armored unites. Standard ammunition loadouts allow it sixty seconds of continuous fire; variant ammunition loadouts tend to reduce this time based on the caliber and type of ammunition equipped.
PX-221 Assault Launcher 
A complex, highly-experimental weapon designed only for use on the MB-02. It is both a weapon and an armor upgrade to the Mantiqu't, consisting of a shoulder, chest and arm-mounted body frame composed of the same material as the mecha's armor. Four-hundred and six micro-missiles are mounted in the armor, along with eight single-use missile pods.
PX-201 Guided Rifle 
An experimental weapon, the PX-201 is completely useless in a vacuum.

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