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PENIS Surion.jpg
  • Code name: Surion
  • Unit name: CP-01
  • Developed and Created by: Professor M
  • Pilot: Ada Zul/Zuru
  • Classification: Super Robot


Ada's original Super Robot, the first one she uses to fight ENIS. It is equipped with a unique neural control system that can only be used by cybernetically enhanced beings or androids, since it plugs directly into interface slots installed in the pilot. These provide Surion with instantaneous response time, as well as increased accuracy of movement.


  • 2x Beam Shield projectors, shoulder-mounted


  • 4x Beam Sabers, custom: Shaped like scimitars and with a five minute run time.
  • 3x Filament Blades (3 strand): Primitive Lion Empire version of VA-INA's Filament Mane, developed independently from Nomos' version. The three filament blades, mounted on her head and shoulders, are really tri-partite, with three smaller filament blades making them up. These can grab onto opposing mecha and tear them apart, or combine to slice through mecha. VA-INA's version is much more precise and stronger, with hair-thin wires taking the places of these large blades.
  • 2x Amor Buster (Shin-mounted): A metal blade hidden within a triangular mount on Surion's shins, which essentially acts as a bare wire. The blade pops out, hopefully into the bowels of the enemy mech, and fries the enemy with 10,000 megawatts of electricity.
  • 1x Heat Arm "Fister" (Left Arm): A heat weapon, essentially a heat lance but mounted on Surion's left arm. It has shorter range than the usual lance, but it makes up for that in close-quarters combat, where the usual heat lance is useless.

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