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Transforming Unimatrix Link - Battle Assimilating Weapon Crafting System 'TUL-BAWCS'
Code name TUL-BAWCS
Unit name Transforming Unimatrix Link - Battle Assimilating Weapon Crafting System
Notable Pilot Norma
Classification Mecha

TUL-BAWCS was specifically designed to augment and enhance the fighting capabilities of the A-NL unit. It is equal parts weapon, repair unit, and strategic support, and can function independently of the main unit, though to a very limited extent. After linking with the A-NL, it is capable of converting raw materials into new weapons, as well as repairing damage to A-NL and itself.

If the TUL is forced to process a material several times, the structural stability of the resultant construct or weapon is weakened. This can have a dramatic effect on battle, and A-NL often fights in areas that are not far from scrap metal or other mechanical constructs that can be used for raw material.


The STD 
The Subspace Tool Dimension, while vast, is not limitless. If the TUL-Bawcs takes in too much raw material, older material or weapons must be jettisoned to make room. This material is ejected automatically in the form of compressed metal cubes.

Artificial Intelligence

TUL-Bawcs is equipped with an advanced AI, which analyzes environmental data and adapts to it, making it extremely flexible. It also analyzes enemy attacks, which it uses to judge which type of weapon-tool to craft for A-NL to use. This information is recorded in real-time with excruciating detail, which is then fed directly to the pilot’s brain. The pilot then acts on the received information accordingly. The AI is also equipped with a personality module; it is crafted after a certain woman, though there was an “error” in the final coding (many suspect that the pilot himself tampered with the program to suit his tastes), which caused the resultant AI to be manifested as a small girl in a hard hat. The AI, while very alert and logical, is also prone to bouts of childish emotion. This does not hinder the TUL’s performance, however, as the pilot is mostly in control after the link is established. Equipment: TUL-Bawcs is essentially a storage unit of great size, as it carries within itself a Subspace Tool Dimension, a pocket of space in which raw materials and weapons are stored. The AI accesses this dimension to craft weapons for A-NL, which is carried out by the onboard self-repair units, the Iron Slaves. The Iron Slaves are controlled entirely by the AI (though a manual override exists) and convert materials into weapons at an incredible pace. A weapon may be crafted internally or, for larger weapons, externally by the Iron Slaves.

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