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A fancy Millenium Falcon.

No, seriously. The ship is always breaking down and stuff, because it's still highly experimental and a lot of parts are in the testing phase and full of bugs, glitches, and flaws. However, it is still one of the most advanced starships in the galaxy, and within FAP, only the CUM Industries counterpart is as advanced.

The White Knight was designed by CUM's government-owned competitor, MEME Labs. MEME was the industry leader for decades before CUM came along with its mecha and pushed MEME's drone technology out of the spotlight. CUM's AI units were better too. MEME built White Knight to serve as a mobile, high-security secret laboratory for their own mecha experiments. A small, elite crew and a heavily armed spaceship with Super Robots and Custom Real Robots in its hangar bay...Recipe for success.

White Knight is as maneuverable as a fighter, and has more than enough firepower to take out anything smaller than a cruiser. It is also capable of maneuvering and stopping anywhere in hyperspace, as opposed to the old method of sticking to a preprogrammed path and waiting to hit a catchment to stop. Following its escape from Evaikari, it was forced into a blind hyperspace jump deep into the Lion Empire, and so had to be disguised. It's FAP markings were removed, and the entire hull was repainted. The crew decided to pose as mercenaries and smugglers while working their way back into FAP space, but this disguise led to FAP intelligence classifying the ship as Rogue.

White Knight is destroyed when the Olympus, which was impounding it, is vaporized by Crush Engine.

Does Melissa survive? Unknown yet. Possibly.


  • Length: 200 m
  • Beam: 148 m

Complement: 5 crew, 2 mecha pilots, 1 AI

Armament (All hidden/camouflaged):

  • 6x Torpedo Tubes
  • 2x Medium Rail Cannons
  • 14x Missile Launchers
  • 24x CIWS turrets

Attack Craft Complement:

  • 8x Drone Fighters
  • 6x mecha bays (Maximum used would be three before it is destroyed.)