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  • Unit name: Wingschneider
  • Developed and Created by: Federation of Allied Planets Mobile Entity, Mass Energy Laboratories (FAP MEME Labs)
  • Pilot: Daisuke Ryokija
  • Classification: Super Robot

The Wingschneider(Wing Tailor!? or does it mean Elegant Wing?) is a prototype FAP Super Robot, their first to effectively utilize a Gar crystal. FAP designed Wing Schneider to serve as a prototype for a successor to the CF-06, thus it doesn't really possess the same range of abilities as a Lion Empire mech of the same level. This, coupled with a pilot who is only minorly hot-blooded, means that Wingschneider was never able to live up to its full potential.

Destroyed by the RAEP Pyramid Head around Episode 15, when FAP launches a counterattack on the Lion Empire's forces occupying Evaikari.


  • 1 Beam Rifle with saber attachment: A beam rifle with a beam bayonet attachment. Has variable power settings, ranging from acting as a flashlight to slicing through battleship armor and leveling city blocks.
  • 2 short range pulsar energy weapons, shoulder mounted: Rapid-fire energy guns, with a low accuracy rating and moderate firepower. Good enough to damage Real Robots, but not enough to destroy them outright. Not Very Effective against Supers.


  • 4 Energy Wings: Provide lift and thrust while in flight. The upper two wings can act as shields while the lower two can detach and be used as blades.
  • Vernier Thrusters: Enhances mobility. At close ranges, they can melt through enemy armor.

Butterfly Protocol

Ultimate final weapon. The Energy Wings expand and link together, making Wingschneider look like a butterfly. They begin to absorb energy from any nearby source, be it a powerplant, a sun, or an opposing army of mecha. All this energy is collected and stored in the Gar Crystal, while the wings grow larger with every passing moment. WingSchneider is able to discharge all that energy at any time, either through the wings for a massive wave of destruction against multiple targets or through the beam gun for a single ultra-powerful attack against one to few opponents. Can only be used once before the beam gun and/or the wings need to be replaced.

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