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Encyclopedia Dramatica is the crowning #1 spot currently on the internet today regarding the dirt and low down on various occurrences in chan and online drama. A greatly unfunny and English speaking normalfag run wiki type encyclopedia, attempting to be the "Devil's Dictionary" of the internet through random shock humor, pathetic attempts at wit, and amusing fatheaded hypocrite shitheadery amongst its ranks, since Lurkmore's demise around 2007-2008, the site became the go-to place for info on raids, but has always been the spastic middle school ager newfag wiki for info on Anonymous and 4chan. Extremely hilarious "drama" behind the scenes too.

Unlike Encyclopedia Dramatica, Lurkmore is not devoted to "for the lulz", and has gotten over its shitheadery of acting like Eternal Newfag Summer late 2000s/early 2010s chan lurkers. We of Lurkmore at least stick up and stand for what plenty of people outside of the internet who aren't cocksuckers consider things of human decency and attempt to relate with it, unlike the Mad Max/Hokuto no Ken rapist and raider filled wasteland equivalent that is Encyclopedia Dramatica.

About ED

Encyclopedia Dramatica's main purpose of being is to continue being the "Devil's Dictionary" of the internet, but its users are much more backhanded and two faced than that. You see, ED's purpose is to host an outlet for bitter people for their butthurt and shit of things, which doesn't provide a sense of neutrality but helps cater to the darker aspects which all humans harbor, including schadenfreude and reputational sabotage. However, ED usually holds themselves above such action, which is one of many reasons why this page exists.

A lot of their articles are very contradictory, which should be obvious for people attempting to look for truth on a "satire" wiki. However, ED also remains a place which their demand is to mainly cater to "drama"; much of their content is also meant to provoke and sow the seeds of discord which helps feed them to shit out their content; unlike any real news in this world, it is the truth in its most base form that is the core which gets people and the targets pissed off, not what ED does, which is tabloid street dog scavenger aggressor shit which any stupid fuck can do. Don't feel bad for too many of the people they host on their shit site; many of them deserve it.

ED Fagging up 4chanarchive? On my internets? It's more likely than you think

After being offline for the 1000th time, and post-OhInternet, the morons who are currently running the ED wiki decided that they were smart enough to host 4chanarchive. Unfortunately, the brain dead admin of 4chanarchive actually gave the only copy of the files to ED. It took less than a year for the useless children at ED to destroy the files and not have any backups (who the fuck does that?). Well done, the Internet loses over 500GB of early 4chan history. Keep in mind, when the owner of 4chanarchive was shutting down his site, the operator of lurkmore.com offered to host the archive--the owner of 4chanarchive refused the offer and gave the files away to imbeciles who destroyed them. However, unless you're a pigshit racist and a pussyfoot faggot who enjoys the worst that humanity has to offer behind the screen, feel free to join and/or read up on their articles.