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Era-chan (Erin/Blackberry), as she now likes to be called, is was a 19 year old student at Rutgers who has posted pictures of herself on /b/. Era has her share of critics who allege she is nothing more than a camwhore. In reality, these /b/tards are probably just upset she won't show them her tits. Similarly, Era has a fair number of /b/tard fans, these /b/tards are probably just being nice to her in the hopes that she'll show them her tits. Some doubt the authenticity of her pictures because, as well all know, there are no girls on the Internet. Era has also posted pictures of her sister, who many believe is considerably more attractive. Although she has stopped posting pictures of herself, Era continues to post on /b/ regularly. She claims not to take /b/ seriously. She has also been in art with pedobear.