Eurofag holocaust

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NOTICE: This page is the self-conceived documentation by the repressive moderation of the Lurkmore IRC government.

The Eurofag Holocaust was an event where members of the IRC romantically slept with one another, though ended in sheer hell.

The Beginning

On May 12th of 2013, a political debate got itself fucked and exploded in rage. Nobody knows how it started since all survivors were brutally massacred, but it is rumored nationalistic retard, Kayle, said something along the lines of "America is stupid for shooting themselves up". Age, with an immediate stance, called out Europeans with Kayle's mindset as repulsive, incompetent, and misguided children. The peaceful crowd went into a full-force attempted coup shitstorm of the fascist rule. Yet, that was another misguided idea, opposition falls like balls here. You cannot win.

Climatic Stuff

In response to the chaos roaming the streets, Age sent a message in Morse code to a corrupted subordinate of King John - merciless dicky douche Giygas. In full understanding of the direct intentions, Giygas gave Age command. Age killed Kayle and Giygas murdered DaniZed out of association to Kayle. They were not missed.

A False Hope

The high and mighty audiophile known to all as King John eventually stepped up for the pleas of the weak. Being God and all, he revived radical communist leaders like Kayle and DaniZed from the cluster of the dead bastard fucks.

By the power of Adam Lanza, John set a lenient deal with both sides to share their ripe-for-rape pillows without means of stuffing jizz up one's nose. Conflict stills remained for the simple reason that Eurofags are still the scum of Earth. Giygas eventually humiliated Kayle which led him to leave for being sensitive and effeminate to discernment. We now all know that Kayle is highly insecure about his body, like a cunt.


Do not fucking eat pork. Even when they're as hipster as Age. There's nothing wrong with being immoral, though.