FLM-3 Belua

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  • Notable Pilots: The Axis Twins
  • Background: This is the Fire Legion's first orignal Mobile Guardian Design. All the other MG's in their possesion only have cosmetic diffrences. It uses the GM-3 Areios as a base, but turns it into a melee machine. Only two units were produced, given to the Axis Twins of Itachi Gaidoku's Serpent Squad. It is unknown if any more will be produced since the Fire Legion are preoccupied with fighting the Yoma.
  • Description: The Belua is big for a MG and focuses on melee combat. The arms are the most dominant feature on the mech. They have claw hands instead of fingers, and the forearms have 2 heat stakes each. The shoulders contain gatling guns. The head only has one eye, left for Julian's mech, right for Jules's mech. The cockpit is located in the chest.
  • Variants: None. The two units are the same in performance and diffrent in color scheme.
  • Attacks

Gatling Vulcan- This is the mech's only long range weapon.

V-Claw- These claws use the same tech as the V-Blades.

Heat Rush- The mech runs towards it's target and grabs it. The heat stakes slam into the enemy and the mech finishs it with a slash in the air.