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The word fag, or faggot, is the 4chan general insult for anything that Anonymous does not like, including himself. Contrary to popular belief, this meaning is exclusive to 4chan and does not necessarily imply a disdain for a non-mainstream sexual preference, though it can given the context, and by means of referring to "those that like to take it up the ass" metaphorically. By extension, faggotry is the science of acting like a faggot. Fag is frequently affixed to common words and memes to give them a negative connotation, though by 4chan standards it is only a mild insult when not paired up with other curse words. For example, a namefag is somebody using a name, while a fagfag is a smoker, a straightfag is straight and a homofag is a homo. It is uncommonly believed this use of fag followed moot and other former Goons from Something Awful, but this theory would likely be proven false.


The rarest way of identifying oneself on 4chan, emailfags are users who put their addresses in the email field rather than the typical sage or noko. The obvious disincentive to doing this is that emails are very easily spammed; thus, only dumb-as-fuck posters or those who use fake addresses become emailfags. Ironically, emailfags are more common on worksafe boards than /b/, the board that, at times, was Forced Anonymous. It was the most likely to spawn emailfags since the email field was basically the only way people could differentiate one another on /b/. It is believed /b/'s natural Hive Mind and massive size is what suppresses the presence of emailfags.

Unlike Namefags, emailfags are generally better regarded because their posts are semi-Anonymous; most posters never realize they're talking to an emailfag unless they're butthurt enough to double check what at first looks like a sage. Once discovered, though, emailfags are berated just like any other Namefag, with the added danger of their emails getting compromised.



Namefag is related to tripfag, specifically referring to any user who posts with a name, but no tripcode. Namefags are generally treated with similar derision to tripfags, but are more easily trolled due to the simplicity of assuming their identity for mocking. Most Namefags are either posters with a good enough reputation to not get imitated or newfags too stupid to use a tripcode. For these reasons, namefags are much more rare than tripfags, though they are not as rare as emailfags.



Newfag refers to what conventional forums would call a newbie. Usually clueless, overeager former lurkers who have yet to gain a feel for 4chan norms and make their presence blatantly obvious through their rampant stupidity. It can also refer to forum users who use memes outside of 4chan, or read about 4chan exploits on places from second hand sources and decide to see what all the fuss is about, hoping that by associating with 4chan they appear hip/trendy/cool. Posters who disagree with other posters or make opinions that seem out of place for someone who knows how to LURK MORE are also called newfags.

Newfags are generally disliked on 4chan for these (often very true) stereotypes; newfags themselves tend to be too stupid to hate in kind. Use of "newfag", much like "tripfag" dates back to the dawn of 4chan, and have been used liberally by oldfags and newfags alike.

Concern over newfags arose during Newfag Summer, when it was realized newfags were not only immigrating to 4chan in herds, but that they lacked a typical 4channer's adept sense of sarcasm and started to take colloquial hyperbole as reality. This lead to a distortion of the meaning of several memes outside of forums, notably the /a/ meme GAR, which is regularly bastardized as a sign of approval by newfags.

Though newfags can come from a variety of sources, it is common knowledge that almost all new /b/ newfags discovered 4chan from Gaia Online. Since about 2009, newfags continue to appear from all areas of Internet faggotry.


An oldfag is someone who isn't a newfag. A person who has years of browsing, usually starting from the first year or two of 4chan's inception. Still can be possibly annoying, and whine about Newfag Summer, or in rose tinted glasses, bitch and troll about how the olden days were better. Often seen telling off newfags, but not with impunity due to participating in the dumbfag ego fest.

May also imply those with preferences that are from last decade or so, and are ardently attached to such standards to the point of acting like a complete asshead.


A moralfag is a fag that shows zeal and ardent imposition through aligning themselves with a set of moral rules and laws to be in "the right" and to shove them into another's face online if they ever get into an internet fight they instigated or have absolutely no part of whatsoever. Very relevant and related to the acts of White Knighting, and Social Justice Warrior-ing.

Moralfags are faggots not because they have a code or set of rules to abide by, but because they follow them out of the idea that they will bring you rewards, makes you an elite person, and it allows you to win, than out of any personal development and application. Because of this, they purposely seek trouble and throw themselves into situations beyond their control, making things worse and dishonors the rules and codes which they follow.

To be moral, means that one is wise, takes their lives seriously, no matter what it is they want to do, and to be humble about it. Moralfags ironically lack these traits.


Tripfag (short for tripcode fag) is a derogatory term for anyone who uses a tripcode. Just as some tripcode users bash Anonymous posting, so too do some Anonymous bash tripcode users. Anonymous's gripe stems from the perception that many (but not all) tripcode users try to use their posts to gain personal accolades, whereas Anonymous prefers having the commentary directed at the post itself instead of the poster. Why anyone would actively seek out approval and flattery from people so warped and twisted as the 4channers is almost as unfathomable as why people bother arguing about tripcodes and anonymous posting in the first place. Flame wars and shitstorms over the merits (or lack thereof) of posting with a tripcode were growing increasingly common on /b/ prior to the institution of Forced Anonymous.

Normal tripcodes can be cracked with only mild difficulty, but secure tripcodes, which are identified by having double exclamation point ("!!") after the tripfag's name, are nearly impossible to work out (or stylize, for that matter). It is common knowledge that secure tripcodes are for jerks, and those who use them are mocked even more mercilessly than ordinary tripfags.

An even more insulting term called "tripfriend" has arisen in worksafe boards, originating from /a/ after a tripfag named moonlander "delivered" on Ultimate Survivor Kaiji OST rips. While the initial use was affectionate, Anonymous quickly shit on its new sacred meme by using it on very asshole, annoying tripfags, creating stigma whenever posted. Use of "tripfriend" has declined massively since early 2008, proving that even trolls can get bored of trying to irritate 4chan.

Entering #faggot (moot's tripcode) or the tripcodes of banned tripfag trolls (such as Meru Otonashi#merumeru) activates (or at least used to activate) a global auto-ban and a permanent block from 4chan. Try it today!


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