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An advanced Xenomorphic Module of the Tserevna class, the Ferz is a further mutation of the Ladja serving as the most elite class of general. Taking nearly twenty years to produce, a Ferz is a powerful ground trooper, capable of leaping utterly stunning distances with its digitigrade legs and crossing long distances with rapidity thanks to its wheel-assisted feet. Like with the Slon, the wheels are biological in nature. Ferz units are also notable for their right arms, which grow very out of proportion with the left to form massive three-fingered claws capable of crushing an AT they get a grip on. Combined with an ability to manipulate energy far surpassing that of the Ladja, Ferz units are absolute terrors on the battlefield.

Even among the Ferz, one in particular stood out during the war - this model belonged to Sealt Arris, who served under Pomfret Akumu on the cruiser Patient One until the Korol incident resulted in their positions being reversed. She did not deploy personally until the ship's pursuit of the Arbalest led to their descent to Earth, at which time her Ferz repeatedly proved itself an equal match for Yui Laryandor and her Pheora. Their last encounter led to the Ferz being destroyed, though Sealt survived unharmed.

General Specifications

  • All-range combat unit, with a specialty in close-range combat.
  • While the alien is effectively immortal and generates all power for its weaponry itself, the armor controlling it is powered by fuel cells which provide it with an operating time of three hours - after this, the armor is designed to automatically lock down to prevent the alien from going berserk.
  • Stands 18 meters at attention.
  • Capable of jumping up to 2,000 meters, but incapable of flight.
  • One pilot seated in cockpit in back of the neck, wired into the spine.


  • Inherent advanced energy manipulation capabilities, allowing creation of beam weaponry and sabers, as well as generation of large "constructs" mirroring the shape and motion of the right arm. Maximum range approaches ten kilometers.


  • High-density organic compound providing strong protection against most forms of attack. External armor is 1-inch Titanitefloalloy, though designed primarily as a restraining device rather than for protection.

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