First, Bring It On

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First, Bring It On (argument number 1 or first kill or excuse by Uwe Boll) - a common response to the criticism favorite singer, writer, film, popular party talent show, his own statements in online discussions. The full version looks like a "first (self) Bring the same, and then criticize (speaking stinks here, opened his yap)." Called, in the opinion of applying, to put into place kicker and tell him what to criticize, for example, the singer, whose disks bought a million lemmings can only he who took over two million of the same animals. In the worst case, tried to do it.

By default, it is assumed that to have an opinion about music are entitled to only pop star of the literature - only the best-selling authors, politics - only the presidents of Israel, no less, and about the food - only chef elite restaurants. And usually means a negative opinion on the subject of the dispute, for the joyous climax of such knowledge and advances in related field for some reason is not required. The very same subject of the dispute thus turns into a corpse of an incomplete translation of the Latin saying "Oh well dead, or in any way": for it either good or nothing at all, regardless of the fact that he managed to mess things up for his life.