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Citizen X A strange human mutation that was born when the Original Fury (enslaved and used as the Main Artificial Intelligence by the NTGB) dumped centuries of stored up flawed genetic data into one growth pod. As a result, he was 'born' fully grown, and with the ability to evolve every time he kills something. One of his first evolutions was the ability to sense (and eventually manipulate) the ambient energy of the universe (NOTE: not on that large of a scale, just things like creating a wave of energy or a forcefield out of it)

  • Game Mechanics Note: Would make a great character that can fight outside of his robot. When he would most likely first be introduced he would have: crystals on the backs of his hands that can channel energy, a hard armorlike second skin that he can generate at will, spikes on his knuckles, large forward curving blades on his right arm, backward curving on his left.

Suzy/Zasi A young Cith girl rescued by Citizen X. Raised by a family of humans outside of the NTGB, so she is much less aggressive than the typical Cith female. Introduced Citizen X to the ancient giant robot shows she loves so much and keeps telling him that he has to yell out his attacks while inside the Fury or they wont work properly. Her ears are larger than the adult Cith average, which makes them huge on her. Suzy is the name used by her human parents, S'Zasi is the name given by her mother. Doesn't like calling her new friend "Citizen X" so shortens it to "Sexy", being too young to know what that word means, and to the endless frustration of Citizen X.

Kyn An enigmatic, human male wearing a combat exoskeleton several generations in advance of anything ANYONE els has achieved (in this universe), underneath a large trenchcoat that glows in a few places when his systems use their full power. He uses a massive handgun that seems to unleash pure destruction when fired. In reality he is an artificial construct created by MAI to manipulate Citizen X into meeting with it.

Purge The MAI's previous attempt to free her/itself was a man known as Purge. He had the power to "link" to items and pull them to himself through timespace. Worked for the NTGB until they decided he was too dangerous and tried to eliminate him. He responded by somehow sucking himself and all the items he had linked into a pocket dimension with an unusual flow of time. Occasionally an unlucky traveler will end up in that dimension for a little while, and Purge will keep them company until reality repairs itself and sucks them back into the normal universe.

Senator Diomedes Hadius III A man who is slowly plotting to take over the entire senate. After Citizen X disappears using one of the Fury's more powerful attacks, he captures the machine and begins trying to have it disassembled.

MAI The computer in charge of much of the NTGB's data, in particular the creation and maturation of new humans. The MAI is actually the Original Fury, and placed all the unusual genetic data it had accumulated after Purge into Citizen X in the hopes of creating someone to set her (it vaguely remembers being female before it's enslavement) free. As such it considers Citizen X her son.

Queen Delta The Skrrl Queen responsible for destroying the homeworld of the species the Furys used to be. Imprisoned the Final Fury in a remote, abandoned hive. Delights in taunting and tormenting Citizen X because of his relationship with the Final Fury and will put all the considerable resources of Hive Delta behind doing so.


Neo Terran Governing Body The government of earth after the collapse of the previous government. Under NTGB rule, all humans in the nation are born via artificial insemination of eggs under carefully regulated conditions so that everyone is born more or less equal. All governmental decisions are handled by the vote of the senators, with a single judge who keeps order in the senate station, but otherwise has no political powers. Recent excavation on a recently explored planet unearthed a massive biomechanical creature that has been harnessed as the NTGB's central mainframe, most specifically in charge of creating new humans without flaws.

The Brotherhood The brotherhood isn't so much a true faction as it is a loose alliance of all the humans not belonging to the NTGB. Developed humanity's first powered exoskeletons in response to the NTGB's giant humanoid machines.

Cith Overtribe The Cith are species of cat people reminiscent of the mythical Amazonians. Larger and stronger than humans, and with strong hunting instincts. The Cith are a female dominated, tribal society, with the Overtribe having authority over all the smaller tribes. The typical adult female Cith is around 8' tall, and weighing around 400 pounds. The male of the species is usually around 7'6 and about 300 pounds. They all have fuzzy, feline ears, and a long tail. Yes, they all have claws.

Skrrl A bizarre, humanoid species of insect creatures. Organized into hives with the queen at the top, followed by the handmaidens, then the warriors, then the workers. The hives themselves are groups of asteroids clumped together and molded to serve the Skrrl's purposes. The Skrrl are all connected into a central hivemind, but have a small degree of free will, which is mostly observed by humans when some Skrrl will spare non threatening humanoids, while other Skrrl will just slaughter everything that isn't Skrrl. The Skrrl seek to eliminate all threats to Skrrlkind, and see every other life form in the universe as a threat.


the Final Fury (Under construction, LOTS of info goes here) The last of the battle machines known as the Furies. Given the Final moniker by Citizen X for the same reason.

Adaptable Infantry The designation for the large humanoid war machines of the NTGB. They were originally created as construction equipment under the simple designation of Humanoid Vehicle. AIs seemingly come in as many variations as there are stars in the sky but all share a few common features. They all have either wheels or treads built into the feet or legs, they all have retractable wings and thrusters, and all feature fully sealed life support systems. These three features combined with a humanoid shape made "Adaptable Infantry" seem like the obvious choice for the name.

Skrrl Overdrone While the typical Skrrl warrior drone is quite strong, and possesses an incredibly hard carapace they are like flies before the larger war machines encountered by the hive. This is where the overdrones come in. Where the average Skrrl drone is strong, tough, armed to the teeth, and murderously aggresive towards non Skrrl lifeforms, the overdrone is all of these and also quite large.

Queen of Battle Every Cith tribe has at least one of these. When the Cith go into a major war, a pure Cith maiden surrenders her life to the ceremonies to activate the local Queen of Battle, transferring her consciousness into the machine for the duration of the war, powering it with her life force (human scientists would LOVE to disassemble one of these to try and figure out how this process works). They vary in size, weapons, and appearance as each one is a unique creation. (NOTE: Bucking the cliche for these kinds of machines, the Cith CAN create more, and understand how they work so they can improve upon previous designs.)