GM-3 Areios

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  • Notable Pilots: Ken Masuarao, Itachi Gaidoku, Tou Raiku
  • Background: This is the mass-produced version of the PM-1 Auge. To cut down on production costs, it only has one V-Blade and strike anchor. It has a machine gun rather than a pistol. It became the main unit of the Terran Defense force during the wars of unification. Even with the advent of stronger Mobile Guardians, such as the Belos, it will still be used since it is currently the only Mobile Guardian with a space variant.
  • Description: This mech is about the same size as the Auge, but has thinner armor for mass production costs. It has a visor instead of two eyes. The Strike Anchor is located on the mech's right forearm. The machine gun is carried on it's back, while the V-Blade is stored in a shield on the left arm. It also has wheels on it's feet for high-speed movement. It's cockpit is located in the chest.
  • Variants: The GM-3C is the command variant used by ace pilots such as Ken Masurao. It has a command crest and a missle launcher instead of a shield, not to mention better performance. The GM-3S is the space variant. The FLM-1 Orses is the Fire Legion Variant in Fire Legion colors and a flame thrower instead of a shield. The FLM-1 Orses Gaidoku custom has a command crest, a modified positron cannon, and a flame thrower in place of the shield.
  • Attacks

Burst Machine Gun- Machine Gun with armor-piercing rounds.

V-Blade- A slash from a sonic-charged knife.

Modified Flame Thrower- FLM-1 Orses only. Fires a stream of fire at the enemy.

Strike Anchor- The mech fires a blade connected to a cable at the enemy.

Missle Launcher- GM-3C only. Anti-Armor missiles are fired at the enemy.

High Speed Cutting- GM-3C only. The mech fires it's strike anchor at the opponent. After hitting, the mech reels itself in and brandishes it's V-Blade. It cuts into the enemy and fires a missle point blank at the enemy for the finish.

Modified Positron Cannon- FLM-1 Orses Gaidoku custom only. A modified cannon taken from a SiG-34 Prester. It can hold it's charge longer, but still not as good as a beam cannon.