GM-4 Belos

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  • Notable Pilots: Yari Kishimoto, Tou Raiku
  • Background: This is the mass-produced version of the PM-2 Phengos. For production costs it only has one beam cannon, and removes the ankle and shoulder beam guns for better handheld weapons. It's power is greater than the Areios, but is more expensive to produce. Nevertheless, it will one day become the main unit of the TDF, along with the Harpe.
  • Description: This is based on the Phengos, so it has the same overall design. It's diffrences are that it only has one beam cannon, the right one. It does not have the shoulder and ankle beam guns. It's head has a visor instead of two eyes. It's feet have wheels and the grounding clamps. It's cockpit is located in the chest. It has a beam gatling on it's left arm and the beam strike anchor on it's right.
  • Variants: None, though there will be eventually.
  • Attacks

Burst Machine Gun- Same handheld weapon used by the Areios.

Beam Gatling- Exactly like the Phengos version.

Beam Strike Anchor- Exactly like the Phengos version.

Beam Launcher- A new weapon developed for the Belos to increase it's attack capabilities. It fires large beam shots over long distances.

Beam Cannon- Single beam cannon, has great range.

Concentrated Fire- The Belos grounds itself and fires all of it's weapons.