Gou Shima

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  • Age: 18
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Black
  • Description: A hot blooded young man, although a bit clumsy. Hairstyle is kinda wild. His cyborg battle mode should have a lightning motif.
  • Background: The youngest of the three Shima siblings, Gou was born one year after his sister Soyo. He was the one to suggest to his father that the final Elemental Machine be based on electricity. Despite his hot blooded nature, he was thinking about following in his father's footsteps in creating new energy sources. At a ceremony honoring his father, the Fire Legion's Itachi Gaidoku launched a terrorist attack that claimed many lives, Gou's included. His memories transferred to a cyborg body, Gou did not regain them until he piloted Raijin when Itachi attacked the lab. When the TDF put Shima Industries under their control, Gou rejected this until he met Ken Masurao who shared his desire to take revenge on Itachi. He also wants to convince Tetsu and Laika that his father did not withold their memories willingly. He sees the fight against the Yoma as just another obstacle in the path of peace.