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Although the prevailing 4chan view is that declaring self-identity either in the form of namefaggotry or tripfaggotry is typically a bad thing, on occassion tripfags and namefags are the center of something epic (either epic content, epic trolling, or epic lulz). For this reason, they have transcended normal namefag and tripfag status and their names have basically become memes, and so are listed here.

Table of Contents




Tripfag who earned himself the enmity of most of /a/ in the winter/spring of 2005 by complaining incessantly about the anime My HiME, going so far as to create multiple YTMND pages comparing his favorite HiME, Akane, to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Green Ranger. Such was the animosity towards him that he became the first tripcode user on /a/ to be saged by Anonymous simply for being who he was, with multiple "sage for abicion"s being sighted in nearly every thread he posted in (Cyber Akuma was the first tripfag to garner widespread hatred, but he got his reputation on /c/). Eventually he was temporarily banned from /a/ and returned later under the (lengthy) name "Hi, I'm Char Aznable and this is Jackass", with his modus operandi shifted from complaining about My HiME to complaining about Gundam SEED Destiny and animes made by the Sunrise animation studio in general. Since Gundam SEED Destiny is generally acknowledged to suck, this doesn't really make him stand out from the crowd. Also known for posting borderline nonsensical photo sequences of his Gundam and HiME action figures posed in bizarre fighting scenes. Likes lolis and the song "To Be Loved" by Papa Roach. Hasn't been seen in ages, quite possibly for over a year.


A namefag with "blue.text.for.VIPPERS.only" in his email field who started appearing in /a/ around summer 2006. Claimed that compared to most if not all /a/ users, he's seen the most amount of anime and that he uses his name simply to "state facts." These not-so-humble claims have been seen as pathetic attempts at e-peen stroking and has garnered this namefag the hate of most of the /a/ community. His name has become a sort of /a/ meme with variations such as cock_sucker_(sucked_334+_cocks_completely) or blue.text.for.FAGS.only. He fails even harder since his name doesn't include a tripcode, making impersonations and ridiculing him even easier.

Anonymous of Germany

User who started out as a namefag then upgraded himself to tripfag status. His only real claim to fame is being credited for starting the Anonymous of (place) meme. Has been around since Fall 2005 and is thus one of the longest tripfag users ever. Avid mahjong player and Akagi fan.

He was once thought to be the personification of anything that is wrong with /a/ as he combined a tripfag with a Nazi and a pedophile. However, that reputation soon died as many worse evils invaded /a/ such as Eternal Newfag Summer. Also, /a/ often gets to enjoy his loli spam.

Anonymous of Japan

Tripfag who occasionally posts on /a/. Occasionally his posts are anime related. Frequently banned for CP and /a/ will rejoice upon news of his arrest.

Anonymous of NeoRussia

The only namefag confirmed to be Russian. The only known facts about him is that he is over 18, questions Democracy, and enjoys both /jp/ and /a/ related weeaboo crap, he also plays Halo. One of the most common stories is that he was originally an old anonymous who switched to a namefag a year or so before the split of /a/. An even more controversial rumor is that he is related and even possible IS Anonymous of Russian Federation, pointed out by a fellow anon commenting on his reaction whenever the "Real" Russia is mentioned. Posting name; "Anon of Neo-Russia"

Anonymous of Norway

User who usually remains Anonymous but sometimes uses a name or even a tripcode. Took part in designing and submitting Union Flagann as well as the subsequent monocling. Is accompanied by "2nd Anonymous of Norway" (a tripfag), "Anonymous of Bergen", In 2008, several Norwegians started using Anonymous of Norway as name, and the "original" allowed this by not returning to using a tripcode.

Anonymous of Russian Federation

Tripfag that became even more notorious than Anonymous of Germany and Anonymous of Japan put together. Programmed most of the known 4chan scripts, including the Ghost Bumper, and the Nameless Fairy Touhou Hijack. Known lolicon and touhou fag. Currently, subnet banned after developing the /a/rchive, which saved every single post in /a/ with thumbnails.


One of the all time great /a/ tripfags, became a legend for posting user reviews of Ouran High School Host Club and Maria-sama Ga Miteru to /a/ that somehow managed to make these girly shoujo shows sound incredibly cool and hardcore. Spawned several minor memes such as "Satchmo Omega" and "Sega Genesis In Bottom". Also submitted a review of the manga Sumire 16 which failed to meet the same level of approval, and the tripfag has not been seen since.

Conan O'Blien

Emailfag and the former owner and webmaster of, a website dedicated to scanslated both professional and doujin hentai manga. Widely seen as a friend to Anonymous, since being an emailfag automatically makes him Anonymous, and for providing /a/ with a great service through his work. Conan lost his domain and website due to internet faggotry over what he hosted, and in the dying days of he announced on /a/ that his entire database was going to be deleted, so Anonymous was invited to download whatever was there with no concern of wasting bandwidth. Since the fall of his website, Conan has kept a low profile on /a/ or hasn't visited at all, instead preferring /v/ where he is less known. Without an email to link to, he became a namefag and sometimes offers scanslations to /a/, but the flow of content is but a shadow of what it once was. Sometimes varies his name to "Conan O'Brien".


Mostly known for creating mind-scarring fan fiction for the as yet unreleased erotic visual novel Katawa Shoujo. Also known to frequent gurochan, and to readily defend the virtues of cartoon pornography featuring the rape, mutilation and murder of children. Was apparently banned, along with several other namefags, in a stickied thread where moot banned a user for posting /e/ and /h/ material on /a/. In the wake of her ban, many Anonymous were seen rejoicing, claiming that they couldn’t stand her, lending to the notion that she wasn’t a particularly liked namefag.


Relentless troll known to post under several handles, notably "guriin" and "aoi", who mostly tries to implement forum-esque games in /a/, as well as posting threads containing various rambling on the subject of identity. Generally a complete laughing stock.


Professional troll, music ripper, translator and faggot. Permanently banned three times, but she actually believe the mods to be tsun for her. Responsible for Bakemonogatari spam and the Vocaloid boom on /a/. She tends to cause an uproar when Saimoe comes around. /a/'s strongest. Also known to migrate to /jp/ and upset their normal flow of autism.


Hox is a retard.


Well known to any fellow readers of Mysterious Girlfriend X. Every month, his antics makes reading freshly scanlated manga much more enjoyable.


Tripfag on /a/, considered to be one of the more useful (or at least tolerable) tripfags, but notorious for spamming a picture of Saber from Fate/stay night in a swimsuit riding on a huge banana in every single thread he posted in for a period of about two months in 2006.


Originally the second Black Power Ranger (Adam Park), he has seemingly found his calling with anime voice acting, performing in a variety of (often starring) roles, most famously as Vash the Stampede in Trigun, Renton Thurston in Eureka 7 and Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach. As he has been selected to play the role of Itsuki Koizumi in the upcoming dub of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (despite the fact that he hilariously mispronounced Haruhi's name as "HaROOhee" during his audition, causing traumatic Cardcaptors flashbacks), a namefag claiming to be him and usually posting in caps lock frequently appears in Haruhi threads, especially with an accompanying picture featuring Bosch's portrait with Ichigo's Hollow mask shopped over the side of his face.


Female tripfag Known for her interest in shota, drugs, and femdom related fetishes. Claims to be dom, and is currently dated the guy she kicked the balls daily at highschool. Also an alcoholic.


Tripfag most notable for downloading and then sharing the Kaiji OST, warranting a sticky that managed to last over a week and over a thousand replies before being taken down. One of the few tripfags in recent memory that most of /a/ admits to at least tolerating=== nearly universally loved by Kaiji fans. A great lover of Rukia from Bleach, his tripcode consists of her name in addition to other random characters.

Penis Engine Mechanic

Hidamari Sketch fan, who, upon rise of the nutbladder meme, named himself the doctor who will fix it for you if its ever broken. Tripcode contained PENiS as well. Status was defiled greatly when he got the 6.1M get.

Pimp Ed

Name used by a user who was especially enthusiastic about pimping, taking requests and offering advice on pimping. This user might have used other names/trips when not pimping - or could be an Anonymous.

SaiGar Guy

Frequently drunk programmer who, like most of /a/, was angered by the ending of SaiMoe 2006 and was swept up in GAR fever. Believed to have originally proposed the idea for SaiGar and confirmed to have offered to (and did) write the coding for the voting system. Notable for competently managing the SaiGar tournament despite unexpected pitfalls like bandwidth rape and fraudulent votes, and for respecting the code of Anonymous and not posting under his tripcode except for tournament related issues. Although he claims to be Britannian, he's actually British, since Britannians are the Code Geass equivalent of Americans.


A camwhore and attentionwhore that claims to be female and usually uses /a/ as his blog, starting "Hay guise, this thing happened to me today, what do you think" threads, usually accompanied by avatar faggotry of Taiga from Toradora. (There's also one in Fate, she's a school teacher of Shiro)



No comment. Banned for life, so it doesn't really matter.

Edit: Shows up from time to time, but everyone except newfags ignore him.


A tripfag best known for posting screenshots from the Pokemon anime containing unintentional sexual innuendo. He gained an unusually good reputation for a tripfag, and is believed to have been /a/'s first janitor.


TYPE-MOON loving tripfag who rose from anonymity to post a series of sprite-comic-style parodies of episodes of Fate/stay night during the summer of 2006, featuring artwork he drew himself. These comics are considered to be quite possibly the funniest user-created content ever submitted to /a/ and he has nearly godlike status on the board as a result. Also unwittingly created the "...You lost me" meme.


Famous tripfag who made the mistake of informing /a/ that his ten year old daughter was going to cosplay as Vita from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha at an anime convention. He was hounded by demands from Anonymous and fellow tripfags alike for pictures of his daughter in cosplay. A typo by Anonymous has also led to "Viaggatore" becoming a verb describing masturbating, or more specifically masturbating to pictures of Vita (i.e. "BRB, I'm gonna go Viaggatore to these pictures" or "Oh man, I just Viaggatore'd"). His tripcode has long since been cracked, with impersonators appearing from time to time - the fate of the true Viggiatoire is lost to history.




Claiming to come from /lit/ this namefag can most likely be found on a Fur or Pony thread. Thought as closet homosexual. Bolin will flirt with Tripfags then claim to be straight. This is a trolling tactic as it causes confusion and anger for the tripfags

Captain Cornflake

Captain Hook

An admitted attention whore whose presence will usually be followed with "Are you Jesus?" and many (possibly) feigned homosexual advances. 7/10 times, he will appear when mentioned in a thread. Posts with the secure tripcode !!icyIHndok.

Fur in the Dark

Obviously a furry, he can mostly be found dumping comics on Friday.


Basically fits the Fur in the Dark description.

Konata Izumi

Can sometimes be found roleplaying with other, less notable tripfags, despite the sagebombing and general disapproval.

W.T. Snacks



Rather infamous histrionic shitposter, racist, and whore on /r9k/ who causes much drama and fighting to break out. She is the epitome of shit and her influence does not just spread through /r9k/ but all and any of the boards she posts on because she somehow manages to have people know her on those boards. While being a shitposter, she is also an excellent troll and much lulz is created by the general disapproval of her. She also has a ton of whiteknights who do her bidding in the hopes of tapping dat cyber ass.


Cocksucker 3.0

The literal fucking opposite of King of GETs. This guy is ALWAYS fucking off by one on EVERY GET. Often called Offbyone Kenobi by those on /s4s/, just being off by one on /s4s/ will initiate responses of people saying you have cocksucker syndrome.

Getter Robo

Broke the 4chan reply record, with the help of a sticky by swaglord. Getter Robo set out to make a thread to hold the most 4chan replies to one single post reaching 11,916 replies to the OP.

A PDF of the thread can be downloaded here. Or you can find the archive link here, but it is known to crash most browsers.

Gippo Dudee

Gippo Dudee earned himself some of the highest praises from /s4s/ users after he spammed his not so daily "daily reminders" that he owns the board. During the first few months of /s4s/ you were likely to see his spam until 4chan moderation finally intervened and began deleting said spam. Since then other have taken up his name making it the most used name on /s4s/ and many calling him apart of "The Big Three".


This namefag seems to have the most time on his hands, having the highest post rate to any other namefag on /s4s/. In early months he seemed to be in every thread if not spamming the entire board. Since then he earned a name for GET stealing, while being behind many other namefags woes. Often called "an agent of pure chaos" by namefags he resent his elaborate impersonations of them. Following an event of spamming, Kekkats caused the biggest board split /s4s/ has had to date through an anime spam which shows it's effects as the entire board has become a breeding ground for wapanese circlejerking. No one knows if the original still posts, but none the less the name has one of the highest post rates to date second only to Gippo Dudee.

Mari Makinami™

One of the most iconic shitposters on /s4s/. Mari Makinami™ made a name for herself through the use of taunting the board claiming she was the only reason the board hasn't been deleted. Starting many trending catchphrases such as "threadcrafting™" and "quality™", Mari Makinami™ was for a long time considered apart of "The Big Three" up until her disappearance from the board in July, 2013. Mari Makinami™ is known to still browse /jp/ and /s4s/'s sister site "lupchan" but beyond that is unknown.

prime minister face

A namefag from the Finnish imageboard ylilauta, prime minister face is often considered the grandfather of kek and one of "The Big Three" due to his creation of the first topkek thread on /s4s/ which, with the help of mods, reached over 6000 posts before 404'ing. Following the 404 another topkek thread was made by prime minister face reaching another 6000 replies. There have been 2 more topkek threads reaching over 6000 posts since then.


An obvious moderator of 4chan. swaglord is always posting threads in different fonts or font sizes, making auto play videos, threads with no pictures, changing stickies, or even raiding other boards like /v/ and /b/ with the full use of mod powers. It wasn't long before users connected that swaglord was the moderator 'invisibro', the infamous moderation responsible for giga puddi being played on /b/.



A rather infamous Aeris cosplayer that's known to be an egocentric bitch. Causes much drama in /cgl/. True story.


Awesome Man

An occasional Avatarfag with a divided fanbase, Some hate him, others worship him as /co/'s superhero. The entire origin of Awesome Man started with awful trolling fart fetish stories of random characters from /co/.


Resident DCAU and Lovecraft expert.


An idiot who keeps insisting My Life Me (aka DeviantART: The Animated Series) was the greatest cartoon in the last 20 years, in spite of it being generic, mediocre shit. Was so insistent on this "fact", that MLM somehow managed to get its own fanbase on /co/, to the point where mods had to insist that there was only one MLM general thread at any one time. Some optimistically predicted that the fandom would quickly run out of steam when the rule 34 dried up, leaving birch to wallow in his own stupidity. This has proven to be completely accurate.


During the period at which Avatar: The Last Airbender was at it's most popular, BophAnon posted several crude MSPaint drawings of a spoof "original character" named Boph, who had an elaborate, and nonsensical backstory. BophAnon went back into anonymity after the show's finale had aired, as well as killing of their creation.

Count Drawcula

Excellent drawfag, always willing to fulfill good requests.


A troll that started a nearly month-long campaign against Wakfu, a French cartoon with an anime style based on an MMO, which ended in omega-level drama. Cybaiotron is most known for being permabanned from /co/ several times and still comes back to post regularly every now and then causing tripfag circlejerks. He is also a confirmed underage b&, a fact he has no shame in flaunting about, and also revealed to be another trip for Wyatt Creed.

Dave's Bleeding cunt

A legendary troll from around 2006-2008. Had an enmity towards every other trip and namefag on /co/.


A somewhat adorable avatarfag who enjoys making roleplaying threads every day.

Dr. Sivana

Pretentious, attentionwhoring Austrailian lesbian, who likes to troll occaisionally.


/co/'s personal Norio Wakamoto. Takes requests to say something with his glorious voice, read erotic fanfiction, or imitate a cartoon character (usually having an orgasm).


A tripfag who appeared a while back. Almost always can be found posting in Superman threads or gay threads. Always spams drawfag threads with incredibly gay requests as well. He appears on /m/ whenever something gay is mentioned. Occasionally posts on /soc/ as well. Considered to be something of a troll by more than a few, he's generally less aggressive and more flamboyant than a lot of other trips are.


Chirpy girl who posts comics on /co/ from time to time and was noticed in a "superpowers" thread for her ability to balance pineapples on her head. Also noted for resemblance to superhero Squirrel Girl both physically and in terms of personality, making her a relatively dramaless member of the community.


An amazing artist who generally only uses his trip to work in drawthreads.


Was a John Kricfalusi fan to the highest degree and was frequently accused of being John K. Guy now claims to hate John K. He acts as if his rudimentary artwork is hot shit.

helpful comrade

/co/'s self-declared voice of reason and former /co/ stream runner.


Drawfag and creator of many creepy fetish webcomics. Ran afoul of /co/ after making one too many comics with the premise "I am a superball and I must scream". Immediately made a passive-aggressive comic strawmanning all of /co/, with himself as a wise and talented artist making lots of money at conventions. /co/ was unimpressed with his bullshit, and he dropped his namecode. He would resurface from time to time, like a really creepy ninja.

Inspector Redwood

A /co/mrade and /fit/izen who is popular across /co/. Widely accepted as being "the nicest tripfag you will ever meet," he is frequently on /co/ and not as distant as most other tripfags in his position. He has met and curled moot and gingermod and will curl your mother if given the chance. And yes, she will love every minute of it.

Internet Man

Infrequent storytimer of surprisingly good webcomics. Thoroughly nice fellow.


A tripfag who's totally not a furry, in spite of the immense anthromorphic cat/lizard/skunkwomen he's drawn on his deviantART account. Is often the source of much butthurt on /co/; some believe he should work on his art a little more, as certain pieces are lacking in correct anatomy. Others think his work is fine, and the detractors should just chill. JJ himself does nothing to alleviate the situation, as he seems to spend more and more time making shitty strawman comics where his critics are dildos and testicles, and being a smug, passive-aggressive dick in any threads made about him. It has been suggested that he drops his trip to make these threads himself, then reattaches his trip so he may resume his douchebaggery.

Judge Anon

Judge Dredd Impersonator, as well as /co/'s own personal warrior of JUSTICE. Is a cool guy, and often a great help when people want to know more about war comics, especially G.I. Joe.


A Croatian pedophile known for his long-winded racist rants. He brings prepared speeches and loves to soapbox about the downfall of Western society and global decency, in particular how homosexuals are evil. Frequently appears in Ruby Gloom threads, or at least used to; he threw the hissy fit to end all hissy fits when he learnt from a woman who'd worked on that Ruby and her friends were probably all in their 20's, thereby deflating his boner. The only worthwhile contribution he made was introducing /co/ to 'Serenity', a hilariously preachy "American Christian Manga" with no relation whatsoever to the kickass sci-fi movie by Joss Whedon.


A namefag mostly remembered for frequently posting photo sets of traps from /soc/ to further derail off-topic /co/ threads. Also known to counter-troll to threads derailed by Kaziklu.


A refugee from /tv/ who began storytiming Golden Age Superman stories, coming up with the unfortunate acronym GAS to save time on typing. Now posts good comics every other day, with a specific theme for each thread, those threads first being under the moniker of /co/mmunity /co/llege, then simply /co/llege. Has a movie-related blog, but is loathe to advertise it on 4chan, as the last time he did so it was hacked.


British guy renowned for his ability to storytime any number of classic comic books like a fucking machine. Was once a sworn enemy of Kaziklu, but seems to have realised just how much of a joke the Croatian was. He once got very mad at ics, lambasting the creepy weirdo for his habit of making threads dedicated solely to whatever vaguely /co/-related doodle he'd barfed up. Getting up in the grill of sexual deviants is a thing he apparently does often, as he recently gave himself a tripcode because some pedophile has been impersonating him in a bid to get him banned (or so he claims). He has promised not to be a complete faggot. Is occasionally seen on /tg/, where he is either surprisingly helpful, or a bit of a douche.

Misery Gloom

Became somewhat popular in /co/ by spamming pictures of Ruby Gloom in late 2007, has totally disappeared off the /co/ grid as of late September 2009.

Movie Theater Lad

An unusually optimistic tripfag that frequently surfs /co/ and /a/, but has also been seen occasionally on /tv/ and /v/. Most notable for casting threads and an infamous story in which he dressed in a girl scout uniform in middle school and fucked his entire boy scout troop. On the /co/ vent, he sounds like Micheal Jackson. Recently, he has stopped doing this, as apparently his parents thought he was getting into nasty shit with strangers online.


A wellknown supposed Anon who posts daily threads with links to new and old scans of comics.

Roasted Bread

More or less Kaziklu v2.0 - that is, a pedophilic troll who insists he's the only one on /co/ with any morals, in spite of the fact that he's a racist, homophobic pedophile. Some have even begun to believe that he is Kaziklu, hiding under a pseudonym. Others think he's just a very dedicated troll.

Sage Freehaven

The king of /co/'s tripfags, dating back to the beginning of the board. A massive furry, especially known for his love of Gadget from Rescue Rangers. The phrase "DAMMIT FREEHAVEN" in response to furry porn is one of /co/'s oldest memes.

Snarky Bastard

Namefag. Frequent poster of Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid images. Usually a faggot and an asshole (gleefully so, though not usually trolling), he is occasionally hysterical. He is also one of the more vocal fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Notably, he is not particularly snarky.

Solaris Knight

Pedophile who constantly ships characters to any show he watches. Acts even creepier than most of /co/'s pedophiles.

Violet Bitmunz

Vorked Larfleeze impersonator who makes terribly drawn pictures of his character, a purple Batman with three horns.

Vorked Larfleeze

Renowned drawfag crowned /co/mmander by the masters of the 4Chan. Famous for poorly tracing pictures to make Blue Beetle reaction images. Frequently streams /co/ content.

Wyatt Creed

A frightening pedo tripfag who spammed /co/ with Trollz screencaps, got /co/'s 2M GET and after everyone got bored with Trollz moved on to his disturbing love for W.I.T.C.H., a Disney adaptation of an Italian magical girl comic. After baiting /co/ and trolling Avatar threads, he left and came back as Cybaiotron.


Professional flash pron creator who gets paid to make porns of /co/'s favorite characters. Also frequently streams /co/ related content.


Gordon Freeman Freeman Gordon Gordman Freeman Gordman

Changes his name/tripcode almost weekly, but because he is an eternal newfag people tend to guess said tripcode. Not really notable apart from his failure.

Narrified Nazi

Self proclaimed "Oldfag-of-/d/". Has never posted anything good used to dump entire artists collections, but still feels self-important. Often posts in threads saying nothing but "I liek; carry on". Almost always posts in /r/ threads, but forgets to SAGE, thus defeating the purpose. Engages Shmifty5 in long-winded conversations that have no real relation to the thread they are posting in. Easy as fuck to troll. Likes futa.


Narrified Nazi's little chromosexual butt-buddy. Starts "/d/iscussion" threads, and constantly bumps the hell out of them when nobody posts. Known to needlessly talk about his sexuality at the slightest provocation. Occasionally(!) posts some good monster girl stuff.

Thread Hidden Expert

Uses the 4chan Firefox Extension to hide threads. This is okie-day, but he likes to tell everyone he's doing it every time he does it. A common example is "Thread hidden [because my fetishes are better than yours]". Doesn't like to use punctuation. He is a fag.



Beloved drawfag known for his friendly personality and threads that encourage involvement from other members.


(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ BOOF ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

One of 4chan's best tripfags, BOOF is supposedly a skilled gunsmith. Owns a large firearms collection. If he is to be believe by the pictures he posts, he is quite wealthy. Always posts valuable /k/ related content. Was banned on the day /k/ died.


Tripfag who has posted to /k/ since around 2004, and /b/, /gif/ and /flash/ since 2003 and modded Loli-chan's board on chanchan from 2005-2006. In the latter boards he is a typical /b/tard, responsible for the Pork Slope, Tehy Yay, and partially the Party Hard memes, but on /k/ he is knowledgeable with firearms usage, history, specs, etc. SPN still posts regulary on /k/, one of the only remaining tripfags left from the Meplat era. He ownes a Hi-Point JCP and would often engage in heated debates about the quality of Hi-Points in general. Because of this, many anonymous claimed that he did not really own any firearms, but shut up after he posted several pictures proving them wrong. Among these he posted pictures of himself posing with a demilled RPG7 in his dorm building. These pictures are still occasionally posted to this day, as at the time SPN was wearing what appeared to be a skirt but was in reality pants with gigantic legs. He used to sage AK-Tan (who he referred to as 'AssFuck-Tan') threads in oblivion, because these threads were filled with AK-Tan talking to himself and posting extremely homosexual pictures of himself improperly handling a very cheap AKM rifle. He posted regularly until late 2006 when he got kicked out of college for having bb guns, the RPG7, and alcohol in his room. He would return months later, regularly posting sets from his weekend trips to Knob Creek Gun Range with his mauser g98, k31, remington 870, SKS, 1911, and other assorted firearms. In late 2008, in a thread titled "Horror stories from your local gun shop" SPN posted the following;

"Once I was at Knob Creek gun range browsing rifles. I see some redneck dude talking about firearms and stuff, proclaiming to the gods that the 1911 is the best pistol that will ever be made. He starts talking about how he hates when people call magazines clips, and that a clip is what you put into a 'Grand' rifle and it goes PING when you fire the last round. I interject to say 'Well there's lots of rifles that take clips, the nagant, mauser, k31. Clips were around long before the M1.' He replies 'No, clips go in a Grand. it goes PING!'"

The last line of his story became a /k/ meme, in response to the classic Clips/Magazines argument. /k/ommandos began stating that 'that isn't a clip, clips go in a Grand and it goes PING!' in response to a trolls improper use of the term Clip. SPN frequented the Gaza_Live chatroom during Israel's incursion into the Gaza strip, arguing into the early morning in defense of the IDF. He also engaged in arguments on /k/ to the same tune. Currently he can be seen anti-trolling Obama trolls, denouncing the 'Obama Price Hike,' in which firearms prices jumped across the board after Obama was nominated in 2008. He was last seen in a Securitas uniform armed with a Mauser rifle.

Also was the driving force behind the Party Hard raids on the /gif/ boards, actually being banned briefly, only to return using proxies to save /gif/ from the gay TIGER PUMPAGE flood (using Party Hard gifs). SPN also propagates the fictional /b/ VS /gif/ battle with appropriate images. He actually knows a great deal about weapons, and is a regular poster on the /k/ forums, being included in a user created pc game along with the likes of Meplat, Bat Guano, Trail Snake, etc. SPN was mocked by anonymous posters on /k/ after posting images of himself with his RPG7, wearing very large pants that looked like a skirt. Was one of the first Habbo /b/locker cosplayers.


believed to be from Australia, little is known about this tripfag before he came to /k/ it is believed he has been lurking since 05 (due to his familiarity with events from then onwards), he became a sort of mascot for operatorchan when he was invited there from /k/, he achieved notoriety after it was believed he killed those responsible for his grandfathers disappearance now pops up time to time to reminisce about the golden days of /k/ and to convince those posting asking for information for revenge that its not worth it, is knowledge on stalking and psychological terrorism is unquestioned it is unknown whether or not the current avenger on /k/ is the original

Bat Guano

Bat Guano's area of knowledge is not often called upon: antiques and black powder weapons. If someone has a question on black powder weapons, BG is usually quick to give good advice (along with nice /hr/-quality pictures). Plus, he also takes the time to compile large RapidShare files of his stuff to fulfill a request (propaganda, WW1, WW2, SEAL/Special Forces guns, etc.) and has been doing this consistently for years. Also, he is a good contributor of classical art pictures in /hr/.

/k/ regular Saigaguy recently took a trip to Colorado, where he allegedly met Bat Guano. No pictures of the Bat himself were taken on purpose, though there was a large anonymous belly encroaching on the border of one of Saigaguy's pictures of himself testing out part of Bat's arsenal, which lead to some /k/ommandos briefly referring to Bat as "Fat Guano."

One other notable thing is that he is often baited and ridiculed by infantile, grunting turds, but he never responds to them. Hear that folks? He does not feed the trolls!

Abandoned /k/, leaving it to rot in a cesspool of politics and trolls. Believed to be the mod that moot appointed, who murdered /k/ on 03/02/2010.


A tripfag from the Meplat-era who rejoiced in all things Communist and anti-American. Would frequently engage in heated debates over how Communism was never wrong, considered Noam Chomsky a respected right leaning moderate and claimed that Trotsky was a God. Defined Communism in terms that could never work in the real world and was labeled a Fabian Socialfag and an Ivory Towers College Student. Also very Pro-Palestinian and drove off /k/'s sole female tripfag Sarah because she was a Jew. While much lulz was had over Jew-Hurt, it was just another example of why we can't have nice things on /k/. Got in many arguments about Communism with Meplat and Hotaru Maniac. Later, went Anonymous when he was caught cross posting in /y/ about how much he admired the Japanese artist Poujyuu who was known for drawing pedo shota images.


The most prominent of the group of tripfags who have filled the void left by Meplat's absence. He is very knowledgeable about guns and probably owns more than any other active /k/ommando. Drake also frequently posts nice high-res pictures of them, which leads to his main claim to fame. That would be his wooden deck where most of the pictures are taken, which seems to be almost as popular as the guns themselves. Drake also ones at least one of nearly every rifle and pistol cartridge made in the 20th century, and periodically uses them to make size comparison photos. Drake has largely disappeared from /k/, but his pictures are still posted regularly, with newer users not aware that they are viewing pictures of /k/'s glorious past.

Duke Nukem

Tripfag who is constantly trolling /k/. His presence is especially common in .45 and 5.7 threads. He hates them both. Hes is well known in /k/. At one point in time, Duke's tripcode was guessed, and dozens of fake Dukes sprung up across the board, causing Duke to change his tripcode. Many of these still haunt the board to this day.

Duke viciously despises 1911 pistols, claiming they are outdated, of inferior design, and are chambered in sub-par calibers. Duke also hates 5.7x28 and any weapons chambered in it, and is often seen arguing this with another /k/ tripfag, Marisa Kirisame. There are, surprisingly, weapons that Duke likes. The Star Megastar is one of these. Many claim that Duke owns no firearms in real life, but he has provided fuzzy timestamped images of guns and ammo stacks.

Hotaru Freak/Hotaru Guy/Hotaru Maniac

/k/'s Hotaru Guy

Referred to by various names, but widely referred to by "Hotaru" to reference him, it is in fact not Hotaru, but someone he knew well. This individual is one of the great, terrible mysteries of 4chan. The Hotaru Maniac frequently pops up on /a/ and /k/, and claims to be a man of European descent who has fought for mercenary companies such as Sandline and Blackwater USA. He used to own a Steyr AUG (earning him the jealousy of the /k/ommandos, though some now claim that gun has become gay by association with him) and to have spent thousand of dollars buying a Hotaru Realdoll, which he says he is in love with and fucks regularly. He has also claimed to appear on a video of Blackwater snipers fighting in Najaf, and /k/ has isolated one particular mercenary with a crazy, shit-eating grin to use to reference the Hotaru Maniac. Whether this actually is the Hotaru maniac, or if he's another mercenary on the video, has never been made clear.

No one knows if he is a single person, or if he is an amalgamation created by many Anonymous posters. No one can even verify if anything he says is true, or if he's just making stuff up, as he never posts pictures and until recently never used a tripcode, which he now does only rarely. Everyone can agree, however, that he has spiffy sunglasses.

For awhile now he has posting in ( made when 4chan was down, has evolved into a more mature, less /b/tarded weapons image board ) along with many other tripfags who left old /k/.

Johnnylabs 2.0

A tripfriend who would post directions and instruction on how to produce home-made explosive devices. Will be a key component to /k/'s survival when the "gubmint" comes to "take er gerns".

Legal Mumbojumbo

Egocentric and bald. Obsessed with radios to the extent that all his posts would have something to do with them. He is under the impression that he is wanted on /k/ and constantly evades bans to post "high-quality" posts pertaining to insulting those who have a different opinion and telling /k/ how good they have it because he wishes to stay.

Liberty Prime/Kamina/Griffith

Frequents /k/, /a/, /co/, and /int/. Spreads pro-american/anti-communist propaganda and offers reliable information on Czech weaponry. His post quality is generally good, despite his vulgar comments, racist undertones, and porn posting. These things usually leads to him getting banned, yet he evades the ban and switches his trip. The moderators do not yet know that all these people are the same person.


Infamously known to have acute autism and downs syndrome. Constantly trolls in order to gain attention. He takes a keen part in /k/'s political threads. As his name implies, he is easily angered. He is under the impression the .45ACP is the pillar of all handgun rounds. Arrived during /k/'s one successful attempt on raiding /b/.

Marisa Kirisame

Weeaboo gun owner who loves the 5.7 caliber more than any other human possibly can. Commonly seen posting pictures of guns next to weeaboo figurines. Usually seen posting /k/ related content, many hate Marisa strictly for his weeaboo name and the occasional anime picture. Marisa seems to be fairly knowledgeable on firearms and ballistics. Owns a decent assortment of various firearms, notably a long barrel P90 and Fiveseven. Known to team up with other weeaboo tripfags at times, such as Patchouli and Kagami.


One of /k/'s most famous tripfags, and one of the few that Anonymous's typical disdain for tripfags does not apply to. Meplat is a licensed A&P mechanic who worked for a company producing silencers for guns and also restored military vehicles as a side job. He also tried for a pararescue job in the Air Force, became an air gunner, then messed up his knees and got a medical discharge. He is an expert at making sound suppressors, owned a peak of 57 guns at one point, and blessed /k/ with innumerable pieces of informed, practical gunsmithing advice. He knew more about guns than anyone else on 4chan, and also probably knew more about aircraft and engines as well, due to his time in the USAF. He was also generous enough to have mailed spare sawed-off MP5 foregrips he was going to throw away to several people on /k/ instead. He was also a temporary janitor in the early days of 4chan when moot was testing the code, but did not reapply since he tired of deleting the bizarre troll posts he received. Nowadays, Meplat has grown bored of gunsmithing in general, though he still works on NFA weapons occasionally. He is also working on design and manufacture of gun cans, though he is growing bored of this as well.

Meplat's generosity combined with his nearly limitless knowledge of guns has made him into a virtual god on 4chan's weapons-oriented board, and today, some older /k/ommandos worship him with fervor equal to that /b/tards for Raptor Jesus--much to his chagrin. Unfortunately, however,he departed /k/ after the /b/tards launched a massive trolling invasion in the summer of 2006, and also after overzealous /k/ommandos started a bizarre "Cult of Meplat." In Meplat's absence, several noble tripfags and namefags, such as Trail Snake, Major Buttons, Bat Guano, and Drake, along with many unnamed Anonymous, have come close to Meplat's level of knowledge, but even so, he is still known as the /k/ommando who knows the most about guns. He has not left /k/ entirely, however--he still posts, just as Anonymous. Sometimes a veteran /k/ommando will spot a 'Stealth Meplat'--a post of Meplat-caliber grammar and sound advice--but they typically keep their observations to themselves.

SA Operator

A banned tripfriend that would post EDC(every-day carry) threads once per hour and would always post pictures of his multiple passports. He stupidly posted his trip on /adv/ after his ban in the hope that the anons at /adv/ will help raid /k/.


A Singaporefag known for spamming anti-malaysian propaganda(which is oddly justified, how do you "lose" two jet engines?) in the Malaysia strong! threads. Probably responsible for spamming the malaysia strong threads in the first place. Known for boasting about how strong Singapore's military is(not like anyone gives a fuck) and claiming to be some hardcore OPERATOR but refusing to post any pics, claiming fear of getting partyv& by his CO(not like his CO, most likely a LTC) would even know who he was. Makes outrageous claims about how awesome his Sergeant rank is, a rank that the Singapore military confers upon you 6 months after basic(what a joke) instead of needing years of experience to earn like in a proper military. Also known for claiming to have classified information of Malaysian military assets, their locations and known contigency plans, despite also claiming to be a tank commander(read : someone without access to miliary intelligence).



Collective of /m/en and wo/m/en taking care of a variety of /m/ content classic and niche. Big up /m/subs!


One of the more controversial tripfags on /m/, as well as one of its few female users. She used to troll /m/ frequently, most often spamming threads with images and comments about her favorite Gundam character, 08th MS Team's Ghinius Sakhalin, and generally angering most /m/echanics. This all came to an end in the spring of 2007 when she reportedly grew tired of trolling (stating it wasn't good for her mental state) and actually began to make positive contributions to the board. While she is a fangirl, she does seem to keep a sense of humor about her obsessions and even posted tits on /b/ in January of '07. Though threads she posted in used to almost always descend into flames, the most that tends to happen nowadays is the occasional anonymous troll trying to sage and/or post hateful, though usually mindless comments about her (which go largely ignored).


Former DJ of /m/ Radio, which made Friday and Saturday broadcasts of /m/'s best musical offerings until its curiously positioned demise - alongside /m/chan and in the face of mecha music repository

Andy Waltfeld

Self-affirmed Britaboo, Megaboo, Ouiaboo (slightly notorious on /co/ for being a Code Lyoko fanboy), and NMCaboo (if anyone would get his Parasite Eve references), Andy is probably best known for being part of the Megaman Thread triumvirate. While no longer actually making the threads (since Flashman and Metalman W.9 keep beating him to the punch), he always seems to have a proper image for whatever strange tangent the most recent one goes on.

The Britaboo part comes from having discovered that the BBC's "Top Gear" recently (read: several years before he started watching) changed formats from stuffy automotive review programme to campy ensemble comedy. Since perpetrating an epic Top Gear topic on /m/ and being confused for executive producer Andy Wilman, he occasionally posts as "Andy Wilm-I mean, Waltfeld" whenever interjecting the Stig into a relevant (or irrelevant) discussion.

Former handles have included "XANAndy Waltfeld" (some say he still does detective work under that name) and "Master Andy" (during a particular drunkenness with power in which he declared himself, Metal, and Flash to be the Megaman Threads' Sage Trinity). Current and future handles include "Lana Nielsen" (for spamming Armored Core pics, particularly those of Nine Ball and other PS1-era units) and "Gilliandy Waltseed" (reserved for the inevitable showdown with Lacus at the Kremlin. Or Queens Hospital. Or the Neo Kobe Pizza stand. Whenever he can lure her into an extended Snatcher joke, really.).

Currently posting as "Haken Browning" after getting banned for posting a Livestream link his computer couldn't handle. The name change has yet to reduce his appetite for self-aggrandizement, seeing as how he's editing this page from beyond the dormancy of 2nd fiscal quarter 2009. Can normally be found in the /m/erotica threads, which he hijacked after the13thArcana proved unable to archive /m/'s homegrown pornography in a timely manner.


The new guy subbing Gear Fighter Dendoh via Oppai Drill Fansub. Despite the name, he's not actually Italian. If he were, he'd have subbed Shin Jeeg or Grendizer or somesuch instead.

Clawshrimpy !261WY8kA5w

The worst tripfaggot to have ever walked on /m/ soil. Nuff said.


Less of a namefag, more of a stifling blight from Malaysia that dedicates itself to declaring that a) everything /m/ loves is gay, and b) you can't prove it wrong. Both of these accounts are total bullshit, but an impeccable spam of its vile message during January 2009 almost proved too much for /m/ to handle. So it (/m/ itself, that is) awoke. And got pissed. In response, /m/'s users took a page from /tg/'s book and flooded moot with correspondence that an insufferable faggot needed to be banned. It worked - for about a month, although codename:v still operates at greatly reduced capacity and/or through like-minded troll anons.

Not to be confused with equally insufferable tripfag Neo Codename:V, who's just an impostor that takes over his trolling duty during hours convenient to the GMT-05:00 crowd. Of course, Newfag Spring Break begets Newfag Summer, and who knows how many more copycats /m/ will have to face...

Lo and behold the deviantART of the Damned One, whence is laid proof that he is a fucking hypocrite, that ruination eternal may be set upon him


Regene Regatta of Gundam 00 spends his days sitting on it/him/her. Despite this, the Innovators' ace furniture piece still finds the time to contribute to /m/ regularly.


Ace tripfag of AXSUS (Anti-Xabungle Subninja Union Subgroup), the team dedicated to bringing /m/ damn good fansubs of Sentou Mecha Xabungle in the face of Subninjas, epic computer failures, and the meddling of those thin-skinned Innocent.


Praised by some, hated by everyone else. Diablo-D3 used to be the owner of /m/chan: the so-called "It'll never go down because of traffic" board that was closed down due to unpaid bills. Turns out it was generating too much traffic for Diablo to handle. Diablo has openly admitted to deception, manipulation of people, and a scam which qualifies under legal definition as fraud. People who praise him often forget that all of the downloads/porn/images found on the old /m/chan were often provided by Might_Gaine, Airmaster, Coop, Kamille and many other anonymous and not by Diablo. He is a troll who often sage bombs Strike Witches or Mecha musume threads as anonymous.

dorkly chair of the institute for space politics

One of /m/'s oldest namefags, and conductor of some of its greatest image dumps. Often, if one of those dumps has no particular theme (and even if they do), he'll fill the text field with anything from tangentially /m/-related news articles to bits of the Keroro Gunso script. Described by some dumbshit as "super manchild nerd overlord".


Annoying drama queen that's been banned from all forums on the internet but has since found refuge on /m/ because of the board's allowance for anonymity (under which various anons still recognize his redundant posting style and obnoxious opinions) and because one of the mods or janitors happens to be a close friend of his.


A former Anon who pitched the idea of making a Flash-animated intro for the first Megaman Legends game. Andy recommended that he take a name to distinguish himself from the other Anons mucking about in the ensuing Megaman Threads, and the rest is history.


Another of /m/'s mighty heroes, this namefag is beloved by virtually all /m/en for uploading massive amounts of Armored Trooper VOTOMs related media, ranging from music desperately sought by many Anons and tripfags alike to folders chock full of high-quality art. He also uploaded adaptations of the SNES game "Metal Warriors" to an RPG system called "Mekton Zeta." Some initially thought he was Tim Eldred, the noted VOTOMs guru, but this is apparently not the case. He is, however, an industry insider, having worked on various anime DVDs and manga releases (Ranma 1/2 DVD release and every issue of GundamThe Origin) as well as role-playing mecha games (Mekton Z, also helped with the R Talsorian Armored Trooper VOTOMs RPG). He usually appears whenever a VOTOMs thread is made.

He has returned to posting as Anonymous on /m/. However, it's still not hard to notice him, given how distinctive his knowledge of anime in general is.

Jesus Yamato

This tripfag has taken the name of a character practically synonymous with everything wrong with Gundam SEED Destiny, which ought to tell you a lot about why he's generally despised. Jesus Yamato is most well-known for hijacking threads and spamming them with pictures of his namesake. There are a few /m/en who tolerate him, however, and some Anonymous have seen good in him, at least when compared to other tripfags.


Another /m/ tripfag, usually he would flood trolls with his Role-playing faggotry to the point where other trolls would just give up and leave. Kamille is also known for being /m/ number one deliverer when it comes to promotions and finding rare mecha related hentai. He was permanently banned in early 2007 when he posted Tokusatsu (Kamen Rider, Power Rangers) ever since that incident, a huge shitstorm occurred where it was declared that Tokusatsu is /m/ material. Although the tripfag Kamille has tried to evade bans the new 4chan banning system have made it so that he can no longer evade bans. He was a great man and a hero to all of /m/ he shall be missed. Specially his promotions.However he found a hole in the system and has been able to return back to 4chan's /m/ board. He came back with a force of vengeance striking fear in newfags. On his return to /m/ he invaded every thread Metal Gear Solid 4-style as he shot down each topic with a bang. Might Gaine and others tried to stop him but Kamille returned and now currently posts on /m/ often trolling at a greater level than Black_Knight and starting threads that often lead to shitstorms. One good thing though he always makes posts that are mecha related, often being gunplas.

Has left /m/ as of Christmas 2009, and in doing so made his tripcode public. Naturally, this led to much faggotry as Anon turned against Anon, clad in Kamille's skin and driving /m/ far more paranoid than it had already become.


The Justin Brett of a new era. Cheesed off some amorous Anon on /b/, then moved to /m/ to make repost threads of quasi-/m/ properties (Kamen Rider, Blue Submarine No.6, etc.), where the butthurt Anon started causing shit for her. Has since begun posting anonymously following her tripcode being decoded, which causes trouble for /m/'s resident repost reposters as now the butthurt Anon accuses every repost thread of being a Kristi thread.

Lacus Clyne

As if Kamille wasn't bad enough, Gundam SEED Mary Sue and part-time ninja princess Lacus Clyne has arrived to spam Haro Thursdays and carve RP posts into threads regardless of their necessity or previous quality. She's hated amongst /m/en for the sheer fact that she acts like the real Lacus. Recently, she outed herself and Quatre Raberba Winner as Snatchers (Terminator ripoffs made by Hideo Kojima). Andy Waltfeld has since sworn to have her Junked when the opportunity presents itself.

Can be observed hugging things on Justice Time.

Lingerie Legacy

Popped up for a little bit following the end of Gundam 00's second season, presenting "her"self (because, you know, LOL SEXLESS INNOVATORS) as the Hillary Clinton-esque female Bring (Or was it Regene?) clone installed as the Federation's new president-type during the end credits. Current whereabouts and/or identity unknown.


Metalman W.9

Holds the record for making the most Megaman Threads on /m/ in the last fiscal year, often to Andy and Flash's collective dismay. At least, they were dismayed when he was making them as "Metalman Trigger." Once Andy knocked some proper English sentence structure into him, he seemed to clean up nicely, but the damage to /m/ had become irrevocable.

Might Gaine

One of the greatest heroes /m/ has ever known. He is easily the most beloved tripfag of that board, and possibly one of the more reputable tripfags on 4chan in general. His fame stems largely from his absolutely massive collection of excellent mecha-related pictures, which is rumored to exceed several gigabytes in size. This collection consists of both high-quality /m/-related art (both official and fanart) as well as excellent porn of many of /m/'s favorite characters. Might Gaine is more than willing to share this wealth, and is also known for his "Might Gaine Jacks"--using the xchan directory dumper, Might Gaine will alight upon a shitty troll thread or flame war and flood it with incredibly hot work-safe pictures (often of Haman from Zeta/ZZ Gundam, and his NSFW material was once a mainstay of /m2/'s /meh/), turning a thread of epic fail into epic win.

Aside from providing cheerful access to his grand stash of /m/ pictures, Might Gaine is also one of the board's most productive contributors, having hunted down or uploaded himself all kinds of cool /m/ related OSTs, artbook/manga scans, and other treats for the board. He is almost always friendly and cheerful. Newer residents of /m/ consider him their greatest hero because of how much content he has given them, and the board's old guard considers him a savior because his pleasant demeanor harkens back to the days when /m/ was one of the friendliest and most helpful parts of 4chan.

Continued posting as an Anonymous up until very recently, when in an attempt to stoke the "buyfags vs. piratefags" debate over the localization of Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier, he posted a renamed ROM of Rhythm Tengoku and was promptly (not-so-)permabanned for distributing copyrighted content on /m/ despite, you know, the existence of /rs/ and the fact that everything /m/ loves or hates is cockblocked by shitty American copyright laws. (Oh no, I'm totally not bitter.) Has apparently resurfaced and returned to posting with name/trip as of edit time.


Short for Red Mage. Co-proprietor of /m/'s go-to toku stream, Justice Time.


Subbing Daitarn 3 under the /m/anly fansubs mantle. Which automatically makes him one-third as awesome as Banjou Haran.

Not to be confused with Sciencegar Sciencebolt.

Seabook Arno

Kamille's Shadow Mirror counterpart. Same hardass, less love for moeblobs.

Not to be confused with the tripfag Seabook, who is genuinely likable. Or Kinkedo, who's a bit less so.

Setsuna F. Seiei and Soren Ibrahim

They are Gundam and haven't killed each other yet for the naming rights. Some smell a sitcom deal.

The Nevada Child Rapist

Also known as TNCR or NCR. He is well known in /m/ for his contributions in scanlating Tokusatsu manga Kamen Rider Spirits when scanlator group Snoopycool, who is previously responsible for scanlating Kamen Rider Spirits entered a long hiatus. G̶o̶t̶ ̶a̶r̶r̶e̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ disappeared from the face of the earth after reaching a major plot point in the manga.


Primarily known for making kick-ass renders of various mecha from Gurren Lagann striking cool/funny poses.


Scanlator, encoder and all around cool guy if not for his tendency to sometimes make troll threads, particularly concerning Go Nagai and Getter Robo.


Invisible Sky Magician

An infamous anti-religion troll whose usually offensive rants have gotten him banned repeatedly. Unfortunately he always posts using a proxy, so it's impossible to get rid of him permanently. ISM has expanded his name to include cross symbols and a URL to his blog, presumably just to be even more obnoxious, and admits to having at least 8 different personas that he uses to troll. Any post he makes tends to get heavily saged, but that just encourages him to troll harder. Is also known for trolling /jp/ by spamming with racist rants that even the actual racist members got annoyed by him.


Not really a namefag, tripfag, or emailfag, but an Anonymous who used to end his posts with "--PROUD CONSERVATIVE". PROUD CONSERVATIVE first appeared on August 23, 2006, when /b/ and many of the other boards were down, and several /b/tards flooded /n/ (one of the only boards that was still up) with troll posts. Whether he was part of the /b/tard invasion is unknown, but he was definitely a troll. PROUD CONSERVATIVE was noticeable mostly for expressing slightly over the top arguments in favor of conservative politics and making nonsensical insults against liberals such as "moonbat". Replies by others using his signature soon followed, from the classic "DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS" to slightly more subtle mockery. This became what was probably /n/'s first meme, and there are still occasions of knock-offs (such as "PROUD CONSERVATARD") used to insult conservative posters.


5.7 Firebird

Master of all things mechanical, he is known to many as the king of /o/. Every post he makes brings tears to the readers eyes as it is perfection in the form of text. The Chuck Norris of automotive tech.


RIP the troll that trolled too hard


Supposedly dead from rolling his miata, Frolo is known to most oldfags of /o/.

Guy with the Terminator

a.k.a. termi or Black Snake Blown. Redneck troll from the depths of Georgia. Often referred to as "termi," known for preaching of the world's fastest and most perfect supercar known as the Ford Mustang Cobra [Terminator]. Benchracer in the highest degree, citing any kind of made up time from the Nurburhurr or a drag strip to crush others' feelings towards cars that aren't Amrurrikan. Famous for reaching the point of critical trolldom in which entire threads can be derailed without him even posting in them.


Always posts as Anonymous, however is easily identifiable by only using a wide text font while posting. Famous for getting the entire VW community, BMW community, misc car forums, and /o/ to hate him for his automotive customization work on the SwagRabbit Camermobile and a bosozoku styled BMW.


The most hated member, any thread he starts is instantly met with rage and butthurt. Most of this threads involve his project car, and usually attract anons that recognize him from other forums. Dox are almost always dropped in a SyTy thread. However, most of the information is incorrect. It should be noted that SyTy posts on many other known automotive forums with the same name.


Aerodynamic Pants' lover and master tripfag


Famous for being one of the few (or only) officially homeless tripfags on 4chan. Living out of a heavily modified commercial Dodge van, Vandweller has gained virtually universal respect from /o/.


/p/ is filled with uninteresting fags. It would be best if you didn't read this section.


Poster boy Gearfag. Can wiki like a ninja. Often argues, often WRONG. 365s but that may just be a myth. He knows nothing about video.

Anonyfag of Borneo

Hilariously hateful... At least he's honest


Apparently looks like a glamorous frog


40+ year old who looks like a rapist, despite being an absolute Boss.


Anonymous hates him. The ladies love him.


"Sony Godtroll" - Butterfly


An untalented faggot with a blog full of desaturated jpegs and a general ignorance of photography. Ragequit from /p/ (although still posts occasionally) due to being butthurt over negative comments in his photo threads.


First wowed /p/ with his dramatic street shots of Japan, has been a favorite ever since. Takes good photos while travelling the globe. One of /p/s best.


Takes photos of girls. Uses film. Flatly refuses to share his rohypnol.


I gotta have more cowbell

Forrest Bump

Creates the "recent photo threads" and shits them up with pictures of trees.


Has a drawer full of pristinely maintained photographic fucktoys that /p/ faps to on occasion


posts photos. hates noobs.


Good natured bear who posts ski photos. Anon obsessed with his flaccid anteater cock featured in every "self-portrait-tiem" thread


Known for constantly shitting up /p/ with anime reaction images, cosplaying, being a faggot, posting delicious medium format and large format photographs and trying to justify them as "art" (and then getting butthurt when everyone newfags hate them). Took a great series of foggy night images. Owns some nice walking shoes. Although he's a weaboo pedophile junk is one of the few actually good photographers on /p/.


Obsessed with nature photography, good at what he does.


Everyone on /p/ maintains a fap folder named "nouveau_girlfriend" He has never taken a photo of anything or anyone else


/p's favorite queer and the perfect tripfag, he's an industry retoucher who frequently shares his advanced Photoshop knowledge through video tutorials, detailed critiques, and he even catalogs his posts in a blog. However, despite being competent and nice, he often feels the need to samefag in his own praise to maintain his self esteem. Hi Photoshop®


Visits this page everyday checking to see if someone wrote something about him.


Professional photofag (i.e., makes money out of it). Threads started by him usually end in flame wars between fags who dislike his style and fags who admire him. Every photo he post is the same: ultra wide angle group portrait, photoshopped to hell. He is also the epitome of a pretentious fucktard.


Wants to make a myspace group called /p/hotography.

rubber shoes in motion

Rapist wit... Possibly the longest running troll of all time

sage rage

Self-important asshole with the occasional useful thing to say. Sages everything he doesn't agree with. Posts too many pictures of that goddamn bird. Uses Irfanview compulsively.


/P/rotographer who occasionally streams editing sessions and how-to's. Generally respected as being for being competent and employed.

The Artist Formally Known As PantsuitUgggh

His photos once appeared in a coffee shop, after which he constantly dismisses the "little people" that got him to where he is today


Best known for something


Nature photographer best known for his panoramic images. Respected member of /p/, has made some how-to's which are reposted and also requested from time to time.


Famous for snapshots of walls, memorable only because "wall" rhymes with his trip and his photos induce vomiting 40% of the time. Founder of "post-composition" movement.


Popcorn Mariachi

Commonly seen as the patron saint of /r/ by most oldfags, Popcorn Mariachi is considered to be one of the best tripfags 4chan has seen, period. He spent most of his time filling just about any request almost to capacity. Sadly, after a few years, he got sick and tired of the camwhore requests and other general faggotry on /r/, he left for parts unknown. To this day, some people set their .rar passwords to "popcorn", though the number of people doing this is far dwindling.

Popcorn also ran the Rapidsearch website until he ran out of money and sold his code to moot, who then turned it into /rs/. The last time he was heard of was around the beginning of 2010, when he helped moot fix the /rs/ coding so it would detect more upload services.



Multi-board tripfag who, while contributing occasional fanboyish bursts of "original content" that ran the gamut from popular to mind-numbingly stupid and filled with fail, wore out his welcome by insisting on participating in every Kannazuki no Miko flame war thread on /u/ and /a/ and by biting on every attempt to troll him hook, line and sinker. The proper response to his posts is considered to be to either sage him or post a picture of Chikane Himemiya to piss him off. Is now usually saged on sight by Anonymous, except when he spams another 50-picture Marimite thread, at which point "sage for Kebinu" sometimes turns into "age for Kebinu". Among his other dubious 'accomplishments': The "Enemies of All Mankind" list of harem anime leads, some three dozen Flash loops (including the popular "rumpshaker.swf", "kaedepsycho.swf", "suigintoucooks.swf" and the 11/3/05 tribute), a parody of Monty Python and the Holy Grail using Velox's Fate/stay night sprites, and writing sexually explicit fantasies about anime girls, most notoriously his threesome fantasy about Nanoha and Fate. He is known to hate Chikane, the Nadesico movie, and Abicion.

Kebinu attempted the 100000GET on /u/ in October 2006 with an edited Chikane sprite, but missed. Since the get itself was off-topic, unremarkable and deleted, in a rare moment of sportsmanship, /u/ declared the "ChikaneGET" the honorary GET.



A self-proclaimed "immoralfag", he has a strong dislike of "moralfags" or anything whom doesn't revel in being an evil or an dick. Often he would be spotted in topics that talk about alignment or morality in /v/ and attempt to troll or provoke people. Often Kamen Rider (whom he calls bugfaced power rangers) pics will involved from those who oppose him. He never refutes an argument on morality, just provoke everyone who has a shred of moral fabric on them. Named after the titular character of the Mahjong Anime "Akagi"

Buizel & Croagunk

Failure at life in general. He's an RPfag and used to be well-known but hasn't done anything noteworthy. He has been banned many times, forcing him to change names often and not use a tripcode. (Buizel and Croagunk are different people)

Coyote Smith

Coyote Smith, like Drifloon, started his tripfagging career in one of the Halo CE /v/ servers. At this point, he doesn't have many notable moments or notoriety.


Drifblim is a decent troll on /v/ and his posts should always be taken with a grain of salt. Although he is a Poketripfag, his contributions to threads are about as redundant as Donkey Kong's. He has been banned several times for trolling.

Donkey Kong

/v/'s very own EFG. He continuously makes threads that are only slightly related to da vidya gaems, and they usually end in him failing spectacularly at what he was trying to do. Generally, the failure is concerning his lack of rhythm in various rhythm games like Guitar Hero, DDR, etc. He also occasionally has orgies with other /v/ tripfags, the largest such orgy kicking off a chain of events that lead to mass bannings of both anons and tripfags alike, on the scale of /b/-day. He also made some faggot album that nobody downloaded. He is frequently accused of samefaggotry, because there's at least one person praising him in nearly every thread that he posts in. Is commonly regarded as the stereotypical attention-whoring tripfag, due to his making of RP threads and using of avatars. He vehemently denies this and says he does it for the humor. Threads that he makes or posts in are usually sagebombed on sight. He has some loyal fans, but is among the most hated tripfags in /v/. He doesn't make RP threads anymore, because they are usually deleted by a moderator or heavily sagebombed.

Ema Lovely

Ema is probably the most controversially loved tripfag to ever browse /v/. He started posting back in June 2009 as EmaG EhT. He's also confirmed to be a guy so It's been quite questionable how he came up with the name Ema Lovely. When asked he replies "All I did was drop the G on EmaG and roll with that". Whenever his character is attacked on /v/ you can almost always suspect a legion of Ema lovers and haters swarming the threads singing praises or lashing out in almost unrelenting hate and samefagging claims due to his outrageous following as a poster. To this date Ema still hasn't been caught samefagging at all or it atleast hasn't been screenshotted and saved. Ema creates quite interesting topics mostly video game related on /v/ but has also been known to troll on /k/ and /a/ from time to time as Anonymous as he's admitted. Ema was known at first for being a tourneyfag Street Fighter player then all together stopped posting in the fighting game threads that were on /v/ on a daily basis to I suppose detach himself from them and now just posts generally in threads of all nature contributing. I've personally never seen Ema shitpost as long as he's been around on /v/. Alot of the other tripfags on /v/ also take a great liking to him from what is shown. Whether you like him or not you'll always be tsundere for Ema.


ENIGMATIK is a popular streamer on /v/. Often called a Tripfriend over Tripfag as he's known for gifting games and his awesome streams. Though gets hated on because he seldom trolls /v/.

Is known to use the prefixes [FAS] and [VGD].


Trip and avatarfag who posts in League of Legends threads, usually off-topic and/or otherwise for attention seeking.

Epic Skull Guy

EFG wearing Majora's Mask. It's just another tripcode Donkey Kong uses. Is modeled after Epic Fail Guy, but he is drawn wearing Majora's Mask instead of a Guy Fawkes mask. Rumored to be a girl, but this is still disputable.

Hank Scorpio

A drawfag. Posts random threads on /v/, usually ones that involve Corgis. Currently permabanned. He uses the name "Dio Brando" now, and has stopped posting corgis because he feels that he needs a new "gimmick". No one really gives a shit about him now after he was banned for making corgi threads, although a few people still remember him.


One of /v/'s most active tripfags. His posts are often very confusing as he alternates between trolling at full force and giving helpful information. Many believe that he's only so helpful in order to enhance his trolling. Claims to not be a furfag even though he is known to often post pictures of Lucario, often pornographic. He was banned over 40 times in December 2008 alone, mostly for flooding threads he didn't like with pictures of a Lucario riding a Pennyfarthing bicycle. Currently permabanned on at least 50 different IP addreses, many compare him to a furry Walter Joseph Kovachs, but since most of /v/ has only been there for a few months...a lot don't even know who Walter is.

Manly tears

Manly tears posted anonymous for a while before starting to tripfag in 2008, he is well known for scamming people on /v/ on a regular basis and trolling, he also likes to post pictures of himself to use as (troll bait) which works successfully every time, most of /v/ hate Manly tears for his constant trolling and apparently takes the spot of most hated tripfag from Lanced jack (The new lanced jack) Mostly seen in /v/ but ventures to other boards to troll at random.

Things to note: Creator of Ralph pootawn, Introduced "Viral" trolling meme and best known for trolling minecraft "autists"


A tripfag thought to have popularized the practice of spamming threads with porn in an attempt to derail the thread's topic. His choice of porn is usually loli and/or shota, although he occasionally posts futanari. This has earned him both the respect and hatred of many /v/irgins, some of which refer to him as "The new Conan (O' Brien)" or a "threadshitter". He is usually passionate and very defensive about his pedophilia and beliefs, and frequently gets into arguments with other /v/irgins for hours on end. His constant spamming of porn has led to him to be namebanned numerous times, so he uses variations of his name, such as 'mikey' and 'miki'. He apparently doesn't care about being banned, usually goading the mods to ban him and delete his posts and the thread he is spamming. He's rumored to be either takehiro or YQII since he is knowledgeable about hentai and doujinshi, but since he is very secretive about what he does outside of 4chan, this has not been confirmed. Is generally on good terms with many of /v/'s tripfags/namefags, inclduding qnqnx and Conan O'Brien, although he and Donkey Kong apparently share a mutual dislike for each other. Has a considerable knowledge of manga, anime and comics, but is content to stay in /v/ and post about them there, because he thinks that /a/ and /co/ sucks. Is also a closet furry. After being permanently IP range banned several times, he comes back to /v/ occasionally, but gets permabanned again, so he's probably reverted to using another name.


On top of being a notable tripfag, Nigba is an experienced, refined, troll. When backed into corners, Nigba will often highlight all posts attempting to rebuttal his comments, and simply type 'That's because you're [spoiler]butthurt[/spoiler]'. Not surprisingly, this gets everyone angry, and can often cause shitstorms of enormous proportions. Is believed to be a girl, but some believe that he/she's actually a faggoty looking boy. He/She's also ridiculously good at Starcraft.


Partyhard's just some random faggot with a stupid tripcode, but seriously who wrote that shit about me, that's embarassing.


One of the more hated tripfags on /v/, due to his fairly blatant affection for Sony and generally flailing his genetalia around in public. He is known for writing "soap" in his e-mail address and for drawing MSPaint comics featuring horrible senses of anatomy, even by MSPaint standards, with one of his more loathed ones being a PSP/Nintendo DS comparison, showing a PSP user playing God of War on their PSP in a state of ecstasy, and DS user playing Picto-Chat (a chat program that is built in with the DS and not actually a game) on their DS. He has been permabanned.

Walter Joseph Kovacs

One of /v/'s most hated and seasoned trolls, Walter has done it all, from blatant samefaggotry (You don't see Snake) to pretending to be a girl. Currently permabanned, however, he sometimes shows up and spams the front page with tripfag circlejerk threads which rarely go above 10 post before getting deleted. because he posted a picture of a girl claiming to be him, he has attracted a lot of attention and controversy.


Yoshi is like an annoying mother to /v/. On top of that, He is a big RPfag. He frequently tries to stop any large, out of control argument. He has been gaining a small fan base of sorts; he's friendly with all the namefags and tripfags on /v/, as well as some anonymous. The rest, however, are not so friendly. He's drawn to fighting game threads.


A tripfag who has drawn the hatred of many of /v/'s residents for his obsession with "icy" girls to the point where he would sometimes spam a single thread with several pictures of his favorite icy girl, Blanc Neige (from the game "Shining Tears"). This eventually gave birth to the minor meme "Shut up, zer0kage", a common response to an Anonymous post believed to be by zer0kage posting Anonymously to avoid detection. Has settled down a bit after the initial furor and is largely forgotten, though he has several impersonators who like to bait the meme by posting icy girls in character art threads.







A tripfag who infrequently posts on /x/ with avatars of the VG Cats webcomic character Aeris. Though she contributes to discussions, the avatars often draw her a massive amount of negative attention, subsequently derailing otherwise good threads. In addition to /x/, she is also a regular participant in pony threads on /b/ under the names "The Great and Powerful Trixie" and "Incendia".



Pretty cool dude, you usually find him on threads.

big luigi guy

The main faggot that turned /mu/ into the ironic lazyposting board it is today.

Brandon !ZckuWKOLtU

Attention-whore that has an unhealthy obsession with Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES to the point where anons compare him to Ricardo Lopez. Tends to pop up in threads whenever his name is mentioned. Has been caught samefagging replies to himself, which leads to the belief that his notoriety is actually self-made. Still the last last living lolcow on current /mu/ and interesting trip after all the trips turned into /daily/ normalfaggots.


Aka Hampus, /mu/'s most popular trip together with CLT. Troll and shitposter that used to talk some neato music and produced some truly glorious threads whenever he was around. Became a board-wide meme after an IRL pic of him leaked online. His trip was banned in 2013 which led to him posting less and less, though today he can still be seen once in a blue moon posting in the /daily/ general under his own name. The banning of his trip in 2013 marks the end of /mu/'s second era.


O̶n̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶a̶d̶m̶i̶r̶e̶d̶ ̶/̶m̶u̶/̶ ̶t̶r̶i̶p̶f̶a̶g̶s̶,̶ ̶m̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶c̶o̶n̶s̶i̶d̶e̶r̶ ̶h̶i̶m̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶a̶ ̶g̶o̶d̶.̶ ̶M̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶f̶e̶w̶ ̶t̶r̶u̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶p̶a̶t̶r̶i̶c̶i̶a̶n̶ ̶/̶m̶u̶/̶t̶a̶n̶t̶s̶,̶ ̶l̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶s̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶A̶u̶g̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶2̶0̶1̶4̶,̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ ̶h̶e̶'̶s̶ ̶d̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶,̶ ̶n̶o̶b̶o̶d̶y̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶s̶ ̶w̶h̶y̶ ̶C̶L̶T̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶a̶l̶w̶a̶y̶s̶ ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶.̶ The most influential /mu/ trip together with The Tourist, CLT (Cannabis-Loving Tripfag, later Critically Literate Tripfellow) is responsible for singe-handedly creating the Plebeian-Patrichian dichotomy prevalent on /mu/ and various other internet websites. The guy can be divided into two periods: the first one from ~2008 to 2010 when he promoted krautrock and psych rock as patrician music while shitting on top 40 pop and calling it pleb trash, and following a period of absence in 2011 and 2012, second period from 2013 to 2015 when he dropped the LSD rock obsession in favor of Western Art Music and supported Fuhrer in xis crusade against the poptimist plebes dominating /mu/. Created the /classical/ general together with Fuhrer and a few other trips. Dropped his trip around 2015 but still posts in /classical/ as anon.


Same as NiggerFish, also triggered mods so hard that they banned his name from being used in posts. Responsible for creating multiple tripfag circlejerk threads and even groups who'd shit up various /mu/ threads from 2010 to 2013. Was apparently also active on other boards like /sp/ and /tv/. Eventually got tired and left.


Aka Eroica !q9UmFMIXJI aka Ruby !nnI5syZCZw aka a bunch of other names. Troll and shitposter active in 2012-2014 that used to promote classical music elitism and shitting on popular music not acclaimed by Piero Scaruffi. Made a shitton of image macros and copypastas, the most well-known of which being the classical music manifesto. Tried making a general essentials for all music, which received negative feedback from the community due to the chart's focus on folk and classical over rock and rap music. Together with CLT and a few other tripfellows created the /classical/ general that is active to this day.


/mu/'s most beloved avatarfag, left somewhere around 2013 for twitter/tumblr.


Nice dude, shares jazz albums, most of them are pretty lame and boring but he usually contributes with good stuff. Probably the most musically literate tripfellow on the board as of now, which has the unfortunate side-effect of triggering plebs.

Lazare !lZH/3FsBqo

/mu/'s most hated avatarfag, a synthpop-loving anti-semite (before /pol/ made it cool) who used to avatarfag as Rainbow Dash. The ban of ponies and avatar faggotry on 4chan marked the end of his days. Hampus made some great memes of him.


: - (

: - )

Montie !q1vZsvr9H2

Britpop-loving teen with a real distaste for abstract and experimental music. Discussing such music was nearly impossible in 2015-2016 due to his and his troupe's shitposting.


Troll and shitposter from /mu/'s second era (~2009-2012). Triggered mods so hard that they banned his name from being used in posts.

sky !requestGD.

Friendly guy that used to upload various obscure requests from Seems to have diappeared now.

The Tourist !!zaCQyFZeSRS

Shitposter from ye olde days of /mu/ and the main reason for /mu/'s current obsession with Pitchfork. Some attribute his departure in 2010 as the official end of /mu/'s old era.

turny !!m2sscgEp/Qx

One of /mu/'s oldest tripfellows, both in posting status and IRL age. British dude with an obsession for funk, disco, turntbalism, nu-jazz, downtempo, oldschool rave music and everything else of that sort. Has been making threads for his favorite music for years now yet none of them tend to receive any replies. Had a hand in the creation of the rather successful /bleep/ general in 2013 that lasted for 5 years until also eventually dying in 2018.

unty !Qee1I33u1k

Black dude with social issues and generally a lolcow. Tends to be a living newfag detector because people keep attributing a years-old Hampus rant to his name.

Wait, what?!!bb6OCCHf8E!!8QSg4Z8LtwO

Admin from mutracker (RIP).

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