HT-76 Elutron

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  • Notable Pilots: None
  • Background: This hover tank was the staple of the armed forces of Ithaca before the advent of Mobile Guardians. When Ithaca became the founding member of the Unified planet government, the Elutron was phased out during the wars of unification. Currently, some military units still use this and the Fire Legion field it due to their low military power.
  • Description: A hover tank with the cockpit at the back. It has three cannons, two on the side and one on top.
  • Variants: The FLT-1 Volito is just the Elutron in Fire Legion colors, with no added weapons.
  • Attacks

Dual Machine Cannon- The two cannons on the sides are used for light to mid armored targets.

Positron Cannon- The cannon on top is a early attempt at beam technology. It is a potent weapon but it's power decreases over distances. It is also prone to breaking down.