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haruko is usually not as faggy as this

A long time 4chan lurker whose favorite boards are /b/, /u/, /s/ and /y/. Haruko posted her first photo on /b/ in the year 2005. She DELIVERed a few pictures but nothing worthwhile.


  • Alias: haruko, glittercunt
  • Age: 19
  • Location: Sweden

Some shit

  • Thinks of herself as a guy with a cunt because she sure as hell feel like one.
  • Is gay for pretty girls with cute faces and nice boobs, and yuri.
  • Has a total of eight piercings, five of them in her face, the rest in the ears.
  • Listens to techno, industrial, electronica, and shit like that (Einstürzende Neubauten is one of her favorite bands ever). She also listens to celtic-influenced folk/punk (think The Pouges and Flogging Molly and there you've got it)
  • Does nothing but play videogames and rot in front of the computer all day. Her favorite games include the Resident Evil series (excluding Outbreak), Silent Hill, Devil May Cry, and Final Fantasy (except 8, it sucked hardcore; FFX sucks too and FFX-2 is the biggest piece of crap and isn't worth the plastic it's made of). She enjoys other genres, mostly platform games, japanese RPG's and action games. She suck at FPS games, but still loves Serious Sam though.
  • Likes irish accents and unkept guys who smoke.
  • Enjoys watching yaoi greatly and most sorts of porn, sometimes she watches anime too (Trigun and Cowboy Bebop mostly right now).
  • Her favorite beverages includes gin, stout, Diet Coke and chai tea.
  • Has a serious fetish for nurses, doctors and hot priests. If you are catholic, likes to dress in clerical clothes and rosaries and look like one of the brothers in Boondock Saints, don't hesitate to contact her!


  • AIM: HotGayPr0n
  • Email: glittercxnt@gmail.com

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