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A Hater, or in their plural form Haters, or Hatedom, are a group of fanatic individuals who, rather express zeal and admiration for something, are those that instead profuse ardent and dickthrobbing hard zeal for hatred and discrimination.

Despite fandom at times being annoying at most, the two are not mutually exlcusive. However, hatedom is getting a piece on fandom these days because Encyclopedia Dramatica is pretty full of it and Uncyclopedia is so mentally disabled that we don't know where it went these days.

About Hatedom

Hatedom occurs usually because of something that triggers a sense of dislike and/or abhorration, either it be in something that clashes with one's own thoughts and ideas, emotional and experience related baggage, or doesn't suit one's tastes. Hatedom however, is dislike in its extremes. In human history, Hatedom can be expressed in many forms; since the early days of man, neanderthals and even those who were marginally different were killed just for being them, racism and ethnic cleansing were practiced by many, and even in one's own society, various subgroups and subcultures were targeted for discrimination just for not fitting the mob mold. Hatedom can also be instilled and encouraged by society and even family to where it just seems natural to do.

On another note, to dislike something is inherently natural and normal to do. However, Hatedom is the act of expressing, acting out of, and using one's dislike to openly affect real life in a way motivated by it; while not entirely bad, allowing for certain undesirable things to be eliminated and done with, it is extremely volatile and a double edged sword to where things can go wrong without warning. Cite examples above and below.

The Unnaturally extreme side of Online Subcultural Hatedom

One of many of a focus, Online Subcultural Hatedom is a particular subject to cover here on Lurkmore, as while everyone is obsessed over fandoms to hate, let's face it- Hatedom already had this one lonnnggg coming at them for a while.

Due to society's inability to properly teach moral and virtue, as well as understand its complexity and volatility, hatedom is practiced akin to the days of early man who killed and ate similar but different beings who were no different than them, often by enthusiasts of other hobbies and pursuits. These people should be given a very bad day, not because they are of a particular fandom or hobby or pursuit, but because no one would want to be associated with them because of their poor character and misuse of their hobby to espouse supremacy and exclusion and vent frustration out on random people just to make themselves feel better.

It get better on the internet, because the internet is a communication tool and medium with human users but no direct evidence of human activity, giving the impression that one is immune and with impunity to their actions.


Sarahlicity Hates TV Tropes

Let's not lie here. TV Tropes is a backed up toilet of a racist, self centered, bigheaded, know nothing pedantic, and utter fan orgasm sex toy of a site. However, does the other side do better than them?

The answer is: No.

We get the fact that anime is oddly prevalent, more prevalent than ever in this world. Not everyone's gonna like it, not everyone's gonna enjoy it. etc.

This remains an odd focus because rather than attacking their use of knowledge and study, Sarah here enjoys bashing anime and Japan more than Youtube videos on beating one's pets for amusement.

We get that weeaboos are filth, but in reality, possibility is more than on the internet that people are different and so are their experiences. In addition, with respect to other mediums and shows of other nations, Anime at least went the distance to showcase itself to other nations and not give two fucks about "animation in general being for kids". History vindicates this.

Sarah however gives the impression that her health food diet and eco friendly lifestyle along with self righteousness and arrogance associated with the most smug and despicable of Brit rotters are those who should be given a free house inspection by Alex and the crew from A Clockwork Orange.

So no, just because you do not like TV Tropes doesn't mean you are smarter than them. In fact, you could be worse; you could be like her, an SJW "environmentally conscious" and bigoted hypocrite racist "human rights activist" without any understanding of human condition outside of one's delusion made little bubble.