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  • Pilot: Tetsu Narita
  • Background: 3rd Elemenatl Machine created. Originally created to find energy resources in high temperature enviroments. Is smaller than the previous mechs in the series, but still massive compared to Kazejin and Raijin. Was given the Inferno Sword after the attempt on Professor Kochi's life. It was stolen along with the Oyujin and and used by Tetsu when he took control of the Fire Legion. It survived the war with the Yoma and would continue to be Tetsu's machine in the reformed Fire Legion.
  • Description: Unlike the previous two machines, this mech has two eyes, like Kazejin and Raijin. This mech also has a humanoid face underneath it's face guard, which none of the other Elemental Machines have. It's Inferno sword is located on it's back. It's overall appearance is that of a armored warrior. It's cockpit is located in the chest.
  • Attacks

Crescent Wave- Hijin creates a crescent-shaped wave with it's sword and punches it at the opponent.

Flare Spiral Punch- Hijin's forearm glows red hot and spins. It is then shot toward the opponent, connected to a wire.

Inferno Sword- Hijin slashes the enmey with it's super heated blade.

Deluge into Hell- Hijin fires both forearms at the enemy, grabbing it. He pulls the enemy close, slams it around, headbutts it, and then slams it back into the ground. It then crushes the enemy under it's foot.

Inferno Sword Final- Hijin's faceguard opens as the Inferno sword glows white hot. Hijin slashes the enemy twice and then plunges the sword into his enemy. He finishes it off with a huge double-handed slash, slicing the enemy in two.