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/co/ - Comics & Cartoons imageboard on 4chan.

It is basically a western oriented version of /a/. Posters on /co/ are referred to as /co/mrades. Generally more laid back in comparison to other boards when it comes to lapses of content, /co/mrades have an uncanny knack to turn most off topics into on topic. They frequently steal from other boards, claiming it as their own style. It is a known fact that /co/ is gayer than /y/ but only because of its numerous amount of femanons claiming to be guys. For various reasons, /co/ is one of the few image-heavy boards without some obvious NSFW counterpart, occasionally annoying browsers making it mostly self-regulating in regards to porn.


612 Topics of Pain

Meme regarding a comic book character called Speedball who stuck 612 spikes into his body and renamed himself Penance (now commonly called Bleedball by /co/mrades), a change regarded by many denizens of /co/ as so lame that many members couldn't help making a deluge of new threads about it. Related meme is the posting of a page of a comic where Speedball, some years before his transformation to Bleedball, jokingly suggesting that he affix spikes to his costume with the single word in the body of the post "SPIKES".

Adventure Time

A new cartoon series based on a short by Frederator Studios. Originally meant for Nickelodeon, it was picked up by Cartoon Network. It's about a boy, his dog, and the crazy adventures that they have.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

A popular cartoon on Nickelodeon with anime-like character designs. /co/ is divided between those who love it and those who despise it for supposedly being an anime rip-off (even though anime started out as a Disney rip-off anyway). Avatar threads popped up very frequently on /co/, especially on the nights when new episodes aired.

Late on November 18, 2006, Avatar spread to /a/, in a thread in which Anonymous claimed that it was actually a severely butchered 4kids dub of an anime called Saigo no Tenkuu Bendaa Aang. Despite obviously fake examples of cut content, some /a/ denizens were actually fooled by it. As of July 19, 2008, The Avatar's journey has ended and the wailing sound of Zutarans echo through the night. In 2011 the sequel, The Legend of Korra was made.

Holy Shit, Sugar Queen

A meme spawned from the Avatar doujin by PALcomix. It depicts Toph's direct response to Katara's horniness.

Nobody Told Me She Was Blind

Epic slowpoke thread in which someone who had just seen Avatar for the first time (and apparently didn't know Toph was blind) started the thread exclaiming, "Nobody told me she was blind!! Why is she blind, that's so sad!!!" Now the phrase is pretty much obligatory any time someone mentions Toph's blindness, or for that matter any other well-known blind character such as Daredevil.

Tea and Failure

A reference to a scene in which Ozai mocks Zuko's love for Iroh by suggesting that the latter teach the former "the way of tea and failure." The phrase is sometimes put on an image macro as a generic "you fail" response, or more rarely, used ironically to praise Iroh.


AKA Rock Loli. The blind earthbending 12-year old in Nick's Avatar: The Last Airbender. Became a minor /co/ meme after she was shown bending metal, a feat never-before performed by an earthbender. Became known as "Tophneto". Porn of her is popular on /b/. She is also known for the phrase "Toph can hear you fapping," referencing the fact that her non-visual senses are superhuman (as is a common theme with blind characters).

Wang Fire

He's a man's man. He's a man's man's man! Actually, he's just Sokka with a fake beard. /co/ often uses Wang Fire as an icon of epic manliness.


He hates sweet. He need pictures!

From a Simpsons episode. Moe sends poetry made by himself and Lisa to a magazine run by a man that looks and sounds like J. Jonah Jameson; he's voiced by J. K. Simmons, who has done Jameson much justice by portraying him in the Spider-Man movies. In the credits, the editor reads a poem and then utters the line in question, which /co/ declared the funniest thing on The Simpsons in the past four years. It is now the inevitable response to anything heartwarming posted /co/, especially older Simpsons episodes.


A reference to the song "Friend Like Me" from Disney's Aladdin. This meme surfaced sometime around the end of November 2010, where a poster made a thread of the lyric "How about a little more baklavaaaaaaa?" with a screencap of the scene in which the lyric was being sung, with the Genie pouring baklava that fills up the entire screen. This thread followed with several replies of "BAKLAVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" including shops of screencaps so that it would appear that the character was also drowning in BAKLAVAAAAAAAAAA. Since then, Aladdin threads will almost inevitably contain some discussion of the almighty BAKLAVAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Backwards Time Universe

During a discussion about Family Guy in /co/, someone kept insisting that the famous "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" Flash animation (featuring a dancing banana singing "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!" over and over) ripped off Family Guy by stealing a gag from it (there was a scene where Brian parodied the Flash - created at least four years before the episode of Family Guy aired - to try and cheer Peter up). Subsequently, /co/ posters gave the poster a quick education on the history of the Flash cartoon, but the poster refused to succumb to the proof given. Later in the thread, he even said that it was possible that The B-52s ripped off Family Guy (in one scene in the show, Peter sings the song "Rock Lobster", which was written, performed, and recorded by The B-52s more than 25 years before Family Guy even came on the air). Other posters suggested that this delusional poster lived in "Backwards Time Universe". The term is now used in a nonsensical, random way on /co/.

Batman: The Brave & The Bold

The second non-DCAU Batman cartoon series from WB & CN, it has gained popularity with /co/ with mixture of Silver and Modern age material and its depiction of Aquaman and the Music Meister.


Oh dear God, bees!

Also known as "BEEEEES!", "Bees. My God", and "Dear God, Bees", this was considered the clusterfuck of Amazons Attack! when the Amazon superweapon was revealed to be bees that poisoned an unfortunate D-list superhero. Now whenever someone mentions that part, bee-related images will flow like honey.

Ben 10

A Cartoon Network show about a boy who discovers an alien device that turns him into various creatures. The only reason /co/ watches this is because of Ben's cousin Gwen, whom bears a slight resemblance to Eureka of Eureka Seven and Hikari Yagami (Kari Kamiya) from Digimon. And maybe because Ben and Gwen's grandfather has the same English VA from Transformers and Metal Gear Solid. Also incest. Lots of incest. Ben 10 continues on with the sequel series Alien Force. It's a little darker, has on-screen deaths, and the Bencest is threatened by the emerging "Gwen x Kevin". Is now in its fourth series, Ben 10 Omniverse.

Bitches Love Spider-Man

bitches loev teh spidey

/co/'s name for Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, a Spider-Man comic unconnected to the "main" Marvel continuity that's targeted at teenage girls, yet is popular among the rather non-female audience of 4chan. The nickname comes from the fact that contrary to the official title, Spidey has far more than just one potential love interest in the book, most of whom the average /co/mrade finds more interesting than Mary Jane anyway. Variants of the phrase are sometimes used for other characters who are known to be popular with the ladies, but the most prominent is "Bitches Love Robin", on account of the original Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane writer being hired by DC to take over Teen Titans, a book that Robin stars in and which has a largely female cast.

Bravest Warriors

Created by the man behind Adventure Time, it tells of four young teenage space heroes and their adventures. Being an online series, the material in this show can get a little adult at times.


Don't know if want....

A new show from Cartoon Network about a chubby chimera and his adopted family which includes a rock monster and a fairy with a 'tude. The premise is cooking strange and funny dishes. /co/ watches because it's funny as fuck, reminiscent of psychedelic toons of the old days, the Katamari references, and the secret lust for Panini, a sexually dimorphic version of Chowder's species.

CN Real

A decision of epic fail by the Cartooon Network executives. Mostly rip-offs of better reality shows, kids did not like them. All but two of these abortions were canceled and they're gonna try it again with a few new shows for 2010 and they were planning to put in golf. Stop it now, CN. It failed, BIG TIME. Two shows Level Up and Incredible Crew tried to carry on CN Real's legacy but also failed.


Bisexual son of Wolverine and manipulative bastard. Powers include claws, healing factor, slow aging and pheromones that make anything that moves fall for him. Originally a Scrappy, he quickly evolved into his own character. Daken met his end at the hands of own father via drowning in a puddle.

Dan DiDio

The Executive Vice President/Executive Editor of DC Comics, and one of the two real-life people most hated by /co/ (along with his counterpart at Marvel, editor-in-chief Joe Quesada). DiDio is reviled for canceling /co/'s favorite books, such as Young Justice and Batgirl, and presiding over the ruining of many /co/-loved characters (such as the casts of those books, the Blue Beetle Ted Kord, who was pointlessly killed to launch the crappy Infinite Crisis, and The Question who was pointlessly killed off and replaced by a lesbian female character). Probably hated even more than Quesada.


The unofficial mascot of /co/, the most beloved comic book character ever. He is 100% manly. Deadpool started out as Marvel's blatant ripoff of a DC character, Deathstroke, but has evolved into what is best described as a /b/tard with guns and swords. He is completely insane, ultra-violent, and breaks the 4th wall (speaking directly to the readers, or otherwise acknowledging that he is a comic book character) several times per issue. Now confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom 3.


Originally from /a/, it has been accepted by /co/ albeit reluctantly. We only remember for the fanservice and MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!!!!


Tripcode fag on /co/ who was obnoxious. Eventually users began to use his name to mock him, which culminated in a huge thread in which all posters used a variation on DistantFred's name. The post has since been referred to as "Crisis on Infinite Freds", a nod to DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Generator Rex

A new show from the creators of Ben 10. However unlike it the lighter Ben 10, people can die and Rex doesn't pull any punches. Sadly it was casualty in CN's asinine scheduling shifts.

Goddamn Batman

From a line in the All-Star Batman and Robin series: "What, are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I'm the goddamn Batman." It quickly became one of /co/'s first and most successful memes, with the speech bubble containing the line being shopped onto many other comic book images.

Hal Jordan

/co/ meme in which a sequence of two panels of Hal Jordan punching someone has unrelated or humorous dialog shopped into the speech bubbles or the second panel is replaced with a humorous picture. Hal Jordan is an incarnation of Green Lantern notorious for reputedly punching allies in the face for no reason at all, though his reputation on /co/ is exaggerated. Any comic book character dubbed a "Reverse Hal Jordan" (such as Joseph, a clone of Magneto) suffers from the problem of being punched in the face by allies abnormally often. Hal is also notorious for having some of the most obsessive fanboys of any comic book character, and for being the subject of one of the stupidest retcons ever.

Handsome Squidward

One of the newest supposed memes (/co/ doesn't have memes) are different versions of characters as the HANDSOME SQUIDWARD (Who beefed it).

Hathor the Cowgoddess

A webcomic drawn and written by real-life feminist hippie Heather Cushman-Dowdee, who is well-known for lobbying the right for women to breastfeed in public and wearing a cowmask in "lactivist" gatherings and marches as well as in her webcomic. Along with the twisted, dangerous methods and tips she gives for parenting in her comics, Hathor's incredibly bigoted views that modern medicine and health care are evil and that homebirthing, constant breastfeeding, and co-sleeping are the only ways to experience "true" motherhood fuel bafflement and disgust from even the most open-minded of /co/mrades. At least one or two Hathor comics are bound to be posted in any given rage thread and sometimes sparks debate about her sanity and the welfare of her children, even though expressing shock and anger towards Hathor's beliefs is basically preaching to the choir on /co/ and 4chan in general.


Posted with or about pictures of characters who were supposed to be Magneto but were later retconned into being someone else, such as a Magneto robot, the young Magneto clone Joseph, or Xorn (derisively known after the retcon as "Xorneto").


You've been Hulkbusted.

A picture of Iron Man facing down his alternate "Hulkbuster" armor (as the name implies, designed specifically for fighting the Hulk, and coincidentally bearing a passing resemblance to the Juggernaut) which become the symbol of bans for requesting downloads of comic books. This resulted from a post including the image and a request which was stickied by the mods after banning the poster, as an example to the rest of /co/. Recipients of such bans are said to have been "Hulkbusted", and the pic in question (or other pics of the Hulkbuster armor) are commonly included with the standard "B&", "hope u got 10bux", etc replies in /co/.

A variant of the Hulkbuster meme has also materialized in response to porn being posted in /co/, as an offshoot of the "Promoted" meme which originated on /v/. This version uses the Hulkbuster pic with an eyepatch and the text "Promoted" sloppily MS Painted into it.

Another Hulkbuster variant exists for the (admittedly rare) post of illegal content such as CP, where Hulkbuster is replaced by Iron Man's Thorbuster armor.


Cribbed from the original quote "BART GET OUT, IM PISS", contained in a poorly made Simpsons porn comic. One of the more infamous NWS comic covertly posted, the quote is usually to suggest any poor quality, off model, inexplicably engrished porn. Also used in /a/, usually to suggest most the absence of western porn on 4chan is partly due to how ugly it is.

I Really Like Beer

Completely tangential phrase in Wolverine's thought bubble during a fight in an Astonishing X-Men comic following a long pause in the narration. Posters in /co/ frequently shop the phrase into panoramic shots or scenes with no dialogue.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures

One of Nickelodeon's recently popular shows based on the Marvel superhero Iron Man. Liked due to its great redesigns of Iron Man's rogues gallery and the spunky young red-headed lolified tsundere geekette Pepper Potts whom /co/ obsesses over.

It's really quite comical!

Crude MS Paint of Haruhi Suzumiya looking amused while presenting decade-by-decade panels of manga and western comics, with the smug implication the former is more varied and interesting. Was quickly parodied by /co/ fans by adding a smug Batman and more accurate depictions of superheroes, extending the panels to point out their much longer history of western comics, and the implication characters like Haruhi is just another idol-like moeblob who will be forgotten by the otaku fanbase in a few years.

Joe Quesada

The editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, and one of the two real-life people most hated by /co/ (along with his counterpart at DC, executive VP Dan DiDio). He is hated mainly a result of a succession of crappy crossover "events" such as House of M and Civil War, with meme-spawning results such as "No more mutants" and Bleedball. Now hated more than ever thanks to One More Day. As of 2011, Quesada stepped down as Marvel's EIC.

John Kricfalusi

Often referred to as "John K.", a cartoonist well-known for creating Ren and Stimpy back in the 1990s and runs a blog on his techniques and opinions about cartoons. His knowledge of traditional animation and its mechanics is considered somewhat impressive, however he's essentially considered the John Byrne of cartoons on /co/, often harshly dismissing any modern-day cartoon that isn't meant to be funny or, in his words, "appealing". He's also cracked down on several well-known cartoons for what /co/ considers minor and idiotic reasons, so some of his blog postings can be considered rage fuel, especially because none of his other cartoon projects have ever achieved success outside of Ren and Stimpy (and that cartoon only got successful shortly after John was fired from the staff).

Most /co/mrades also find it somewhat ironic that John preaches about visual appeal when his designs are pretty disgusting and ugly.

Juggernaut, Bitch, The

A popular Internet meme which originated as a fan-edited video of the 1990s X-Men cartoon, which largely revolves around the character Juggernaut saying "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"

The meme exploded in popularity when the line was included in the new movie X-Men III: The Last Stand. Rumors that the line would be included circulated in the days prior to the movie's release, causing the meme to take hold in /co/.

A sound pack from the original video has been created for users of the fighting game program MUGEN, making it possible to hack the sound into Juggernaut's Marvel vs. Capcom character. This has resulted in much YouTube hilarity as "The Juggernaut, Bitch" goes around beating the crap out of various other characters, or in some cases getting beat up himself, all while making sure everybody knows who the fuck he is.

Justice /co/mrades, The

After a series of threads in which Anonymous used Heromachine to make heroes, someone had the bright idea to unite them. Unfortunately, no one really got around to writing them down. Only Nicky Two-Vests, and to a lesser extent, Jetpack Viking, were remembered. Weeks later, a random drawfag posted a drawing of a superhero, yet he had not drawn a face. /co/ quickly adopted him as "Manny Quinn", One drawing had Nicky and Manny giving each other a high-five. This picture lead to increased interest in a team of /co/ heroes. By the end of the night, the Justice /co/mrades had been born. Nicky Two-Vests, Manny Quinn, Jetpack Viking, Captain Skinless, Chief Girly Shoes, Collateral Damage Man, Bearded Skeleton, Atomic Squire, Nuclear Knight, The Ameragician, Gayzor Beam, Thing Hands, and an endless supply of Vikings make up the team, fighting in a constant struggle against the INTERNET HATE MACHINE and his Sageworthy Society.

Las Lindas

A webcomic by furry artist Chalosan & Soulkat about a well-endowed cow girl named Mora Linda trying eke out a living on a farm she inherited from her parents. Most of /co/ will try to pass it off as "furfag" material, but deep down inside they secretly want to engage in hot furry sex with full frontal, despite Soulkat's policy on no nudity. It's no surprise that Sage Freehaven, /co/'s local furnut, has a boner for Alejandra, another cowgirl and owner of an industrial farm as well as Mora's rival. Freehaven wants to milk Alej and then give her a taste of his "milk".

Little Brown Girls Are The Best

A meme formed from a random Storm Hawks thread, Anonymous reveals their lust for young sweet dark meat. Line originally comes from a doujin about loli rape. This is probably about the female protagonist Piper.

Mad Stan

Originating from the cartoon Batman Beyond, Mad Stan has become a popular meme on /co/. Often found in animations, it generally consists of a still frame from a cartoon, with Mad Stan popping out after a few seconds, causing the whole gif. to blow up. He is often accompanied with his rant:

You think this is a joke? Look around, Batman! Society's crumbling! And do you know why? Information overload, man! As a society we're drowning in a quagmire of vid-clips, e-mail, and sound bytes! We can't absorb it all! There's only one sane solution - BLOW IT UP!

Moon over June

Webcomic about misanthropic lesbians. Originally from Slipshine, it is now a free webcomic (though new page are up on Slipshine). Unfortunately the art (which even puts Shredded Moose to shame) is just plain hideous.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

In October 2010, The Hub premiered a new series of MLP. It made big time success as well as appealing a fanbase of both genders. Some of us consider if that's really a good thing. Nevertheless, it was created by Lauren Faust, wife of Craig McCracken (of PPG and FHFIF fame). CN should hammer their own junk for letting them go. A made for DVD/Blu-Ray spinoff is in the works where lead character Twilight Sparkle enters a new world and becomes human...ish.



The driving force that makes Batman do what he does, namely beat up bad guys and be a whiny emo. This phrase comes up, without fail, in any Batman-related topic in /co/. Based on a parody of Batman by Scott Kurtz.

Naturally the pic has been shopped into countless variations involving different characters, with the appropriate text alterations.

Namor the Submariner

/co/'s is gay for Namor. Also referred as "Black Adam" due to similar appearances. One of the few remaining and somewhat popular Golden Age era characters of Marvel comics, Namor the Submariner is best known for trying to bang the Invisible Woman, invading the surface, and punching Nazis. Unlike Bridget or Jun Watarase, Namor is no trap. Namor is a fine specimen of hyper masculinity clad in scaly Speedos (though recently he‘s been wearing pants). Reasons for why /co/ is gay for Namor is under investigation.

Notable accomplishments also include being a member of the most important secret teams of heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe: the Illuminati and the Cabal. Plus he rules his own underwater nation, much like Dr. Doom (or Aquaman if you like DC).

He's also the one who freed Captain America from the ice so he could join the Avengers since Hulk made a shitty founding member. Plus he guarded cap's corpse when he was offed.

Nigel Thornberry

A father of the protagonist in the old Nickelodeon cartoon The Wild Thornberrys and a minor meme that was popular on /co/ during the last couple months of 2008 and has only occasionally popped up since. During a thread discussing the cartoon, one /co/mrade suddenly began to recount an erotic dream he had about Nigel Thornberry during summer camp. During the dream, Nigel stood in front of the /co/mrade, slowly stripping off his clothes and caressing the front of his body while slowly repeating "HELLLLLLO, I'M NIGEL THORRRRRNBERRRRRY" and making seductive motions with his tongue.

This post, along with the drawfag interpretation of the dream that followed ignited laughter and amusement throughout /co/ and the thread managed to stay alive for hours. The phrase, with or without the drawing, manages to inevitably pop up with any discussion of The Wild Thornberrys or of Tim Curry's voice talent.

No More *

Panel from Marvel's infamous House of M story arc, in which Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch, who can alter reality) says "No more mutants." and causes the vast majority of mutants to lose their powers. The image of this scene is often edited to replace "mutants" with words like "4chan" or "Beer", forming one of /co/'s earliest memes. Rarely seen outside /co/.

P.S. Venom is from Spider-Man

The final line of a post by some pathetic newbie who asked for pictures of Venom. His "helpful" information is Venom's origin (and the underlying assumption that a comic book board would somehow be unaware that Venom is one of Spider-Man's rogues), resulting in relentless mockery, and afterward the line was frequently included in threads even vaguely involving Venom.

Also, Venom has been "wiped completely out of existence" by the events of One More Day.


We think.


Whatever floats your boat, pal.

A popular adult web site, PALComix is known for its commissions as well those freaky fetishes. Age regressions, spankings, anal penetrations, and diapers are the "norm" there. A /co/ member has commissioned an Avatar doujin. Unfortunately BBMBBF has signed up with hentaikey for a VIP page as well creating 5 paysites of his own, giving everyone a sadistic choice.

Rob Liefeld

A well-known but essentially talentless artist who somehow continues to get work. His complete inability to draw proper human anatomy, as well as his tendency to plagiarize other artists, has resulted in him being almost universally hated on /co/. While Liefeld created /co/'s most beloved character, Deadpool, that character did not evolve into his current awesome form until years later, when Liefeld no longer had any involvement.


Possible forced meme in which a picture of Reed Richards stretching from the background and holding a complicated and overlarge (see Liefield) gun is used in response to a number of subjects. Mostly these are things having to do with science ranging from functionally impossible versions of characters to things that are impossible by scientific terms (such as children spawned of Kim Possible and Shego), to having to have something "impossible" on the boards happen, such as badly needed photoshop jobs. Text accompanying SCIENCE GUN generally has to do with shooting the subject of a previous post. The meme originated in a thread started with a sample Palcomix-commissioned art depicting two of the Powerpuff Girls (Blossom and Bubbles) marrying and having "incest butt babies". From there, a discussion involving several What Has Science Done? macros eventually prompted on poster in the guise of "Reed" to say that the subject of the thread went against the nature of science and that he'd have no part of it.

Scrooge McDuck

The infamously rich and stingy Disney character beloved of /co/, elevated to levels of GAR to rival those of /a/ . This is specifically due to reposting of The Life and times of Scrooge McDuck, a biographical comic series of Scrooge's early adventuring, showing Scrooge as an intelligent yet insurmountable badass. One notable excerpt features an enraged Scrooge escalating a fistfight which eventually demolishes an entire town.

Scott Pilgrim

A recently finished Canadian-made comic that was also recently adapted into a live-action film and video game. A highly controversial subject on /co/, not for its graphic violence, explicit sex, or nudity (of which it has none of), but for the numerous video game references sprinkled throughout, which half of /co/ interprets as it trying to be obscure and "hipster", while the other half interprets as it accurately capturing the perspective of an everyday nerd. Either way, there's always some discussion of hipsters.

Shredded Moose

A horribly designed webcomic with a dickish pignosed asswipe. It was /co/'s greatest bane after Usako Man, particularly as the writer and artist seem to be different people, making 4channers wonder why the latter's somewhat decent work is being wasted on it. The website is now dead.


Oh damn, Skrulls!

At the end of New Avengers #31 "Elektra" was killed by Echo. Turns out that Elektra was really a Skrull. In issue 32 Spider-Woman betrays the team so she can give the dead Skrull to Stark. Thus began the clusterfuck of trust and madness for 2008's summer event. "Who can you trust?" Who indeed.


Take one part Spider-man, one part Kick-Ass, mix in Empowered and you get Spinnerette. This webcomic is about who spider-like superpowers and tries (and fails) to be a superhero. Provides its own fetish fuel.

Squirrel Girl

Furries? On my 4chan?

/co/'s second favorite comic book character of all time, but also one of the more controversial. Squirrel Girl is a mutant who has some rodent-like features (such as her teeth, tail, and clawed hands) and the rather silly superpower of being able to control squirrels. Despite her seemingly useless power and relative obscurity, she has defeated several prominent supervillians, usually off-panel and without explanation of how she accomplished these victories. Due to these victories (considered by some /co/mrades to be examples of plot armor), as well as her furry traits and the substantial (though now diminished) flooding of Squirrel Girl threads has resulted in a backlash against the character.

Notable victories include Dr. Doom and #Deadpool.

Storm Hawks

A new show on Cartoon Network from the creators of "Dragon Booster", despite being the bastard rape child of "Jak & Daxter" /co/ is watching it for they want to see Piper & the main villainess Master Cyclonis engage in Sapphic action. Hot, wet, dirty Sapphic action. FUN FACT: Master Cyclonis is voiced by Lenore Zann, who played Sizzle from "Stunt Dawgs", dubbed Aisha Clan-Clan from "Outlaw Star", but she is best known for the voice of Rogue from the 1992-97 Fox Kids version of "X-Men". It is with the character Piper that started the meme "#Little Brown Girls Are The Best".

Stupid Sexy Flanders

fear it.

Taken from The Simpsons episode, "Little Big Mom", Homer is intimidated by a muscular skier which actually turns out to next-door neighbor Ned Flanders. Flanders' rather questionable skiing outfit made Homer distracted and utters the phrase, "Stupid Sexy Flanders". Variation of this called Stupid Sexy Marche was created in /v/, however, /co/ gets wind of this, returned it to its original phrase and the meme is born.

The Question

/co/'s third (at least) favorite comic book character character. The Question is a vigilante who uses a mask to make it seem like he has no face; he often repersents Anonymous because of this. Although he was killed in the "main" DC universe , because of recent events in the comic book 52 the true Question is shown to be alive and well on Earth 4, one of DC's alternate universes. The version of the Question seen in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series, who is a borderline-insane conspiracy theorist that bangs the Huntress and runs over Parademons with his car, is also popular on /co/. It's a strong point of his character that most of /co/ vastly prefers him over his admittedly capable former police officer replacement, a lesbian.

The Snitch Nigga

Nigga, you better stop snitching!

From the Boondocks season 2 episode, "Thank you for not snitching". It show an "anonymous" nigga snitching to the police about a crime. Used by /co/'s anonymous whenever NSFW material is posted on the board.

Tony Stark is Everyone

When someone posted the question "Has anyone seen Tony Stark without his moustache?", Anonymous photoshopped away Tony's moustache and revealed that Tony Stark was Bruce Wayne. Bricks were shat until Anonymous shopped glasses onto the picture and revealed Tony Stark was also Clark Kent. This set of a huge string of Anonoymous and Tripfag adding in more and more characters to the list until it was established that Tony Stark is Everyone.

Transformers Animated

brown and delicious.

After years of letting Japan go at it, Transformers returned to "American" Animation in late December 2007. At first glance, no one wanted to watch this because of the designs and a "green" Optimus Prime but then came the new character Sari. /co/ has been long known for lusting after toon lolis especially brown ones. Now they flock to the TV like ravenous wolverines to see that upskirt. Oh yeah, the Autobots on Cybertron are bureaucratic dicks and Starscream chin is LONG.

Transformers Prime

The latest TF cartoon after Animated, TFP premiere on Hasbro's own network The Hub. It is highly lauded for its storyline, characters, and V.A.s.


"Wagner is my /co/pilot".

"Wagner" or "Wagner Fukuhara" is artist who draw cartoon, video game, comic, manga, and anime females with weird proportions (though not as bad as Mamabliss). Wagner had many sites with his artwork, including an old Geocities version which still works, most of timehttp://www.geocities.com/nsoqd/gallery.html. Wagner was kicked out of DA, but was brought back in on the condition that he must not link his DA page to his Blogspot page which contains adult art of toons.* It is in /co/ that the meme "Wagner is my /co/pilot" was born. NOTEDA has fucked up double standards. They prohibit Wagner from linking DA to his Blogspot, yet they allow some Nazi-club to link DA to their own site, which is more harmful and damaging to the psyche than any toonrotica. Then again what else did you expect from a site with horrid Sonic recolors and run by a blood-barfing vagina? Oy.


Like Avatar, it's a pseudo-anime created by France which /co/ enjoys. The troll Cybaiotron is commonly seen claiming it belongs to /a/ and not /co/ which usually causes shitstorms.


A 12-part, highly-acclaimed comic book series created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in 1986, combining a multi-layered deconstruction of tropes and character archetypes of the superhero genre with themes pretaining to the Cold War and certain moral philosophies. It is often considered a milestone in the way comics are written and has influenced a great deal of GRIMDARK and EDGY comics afterwards. While Watchmen has been highly regarded on /co/ since the board came into existance, Watchmen experienced a surge of popularity after a movie adaptation was announced in 2007 and later a theatrical trailer in July 2008. Since then, Watchmen threads are created very frequently on /co/, usually whenever new developments, videos, or articles about the movie adaptation are released.

The viral marketing of the film has also caused a deluge of newfags to flood /co/, posting threads constantly, especially after they just got finished reading the original comic. Because of this, /co/ has taken a liking to reverse-troll threads involving Watchmen, including faking discussions of WatchmeX, the non-existent spin-off series created by /co/ (often accompanied with obviously Photoshopped covers of the "series") in order to filter out and generally confuse any newfags lurking.

In the rampant discussion and publicity of Watchmen, a few memes have been created from the comic and articles pretaining to the film adaptation.

Blue Penis, Never Erect

A list appeared on IMDB's Parents Guide for the Watchmen movie in mid-January 2009, pointing out the multiple instances of objectionable content present in the movie, shortly after one of the exclusive showings. Among them was showing the blue, all-powerful character Dr. Manhattan fully nude, described curtly by the list's contributer as, " A blue man appears fully naked several times. His penis is shown. Never erect though." Dr. Manhattan's nudity (and blue penis) is flaunted throughout the book was considered comical and admirable by /co/ already and that alone elevated /co/'s amusement with the statement. So, whenever Dr. Manhattan's glowing blue cock is mentioned, even in passing, it is obligatory for a /co/mrade to respond with "never erect though" or some other variation of the phrase.


The exclamation made by the violent, deranged vigilante Rorschach when jumping out of a two-story apartment window to escape a beseiging SWAT team, only to be arrested and unmasked by the group of policemen waiting below when he lands. Among the handful of strange noises Rorschach makes through the duration the comic, "RRAAAARRL" is probably /co/'s favorite, to the point that any spelling variations outside of the original "two Rs, four As, two Rs, and one L" spelling are commonly frowned upon. The panel in which Rorschach is shown in mid-jump out of the window is subject to being Photoshopped to hell and back in multiple pictures and animated GIFs.

Thirty-Five Minutes Ago

During the 11th chapter of Watchmen, the character Ozymandias (also known as Adrian Veidt) describes an elaborate and dangerous plan to stop the Cold War once and for all, a plan that disturbs his fellow vigilantes. When one of them tries to talk Veidt out of carrying the plan out, Veidt nonchalantly responds, "I did it thirty-five minutes ago."

This phrase , much like Just As Planned for /a/, is probably the most popular Watchmen meme on /co/ and is just as frequently used, especially given the similarities between Veidt and Light Yagami. Some /co/mrades have even started using VEIDT WAS RIGHT in a similar fashion in debates about the morality of Veidt's plan, almost in parody of the likeness of the two characters.


From a Shortpacked comic attacking Frank Miller. A typical response to any thread in which Miller is mentioned is any multiple iteration of WHORES. While some of Miller's works (such as 300 and The Dark Knight Returns) are highly regarded, his current All-Star Batman and Robin (source of the Goddamn Batman) is considered worthwhile only as meme fodder and in general he's seen as having an obsession with prostitutes and inane cheesecake situations.


The real reason why you want to go there.

A popular adult art site (along with Palcomix), the WWOEC is one of the prime examples to look for rule 34. /co/ has mixed feelings about the site. On one hand, it has crappy Simpsons art according to /co/'s twisted standards (though not as bad as DrawnSex.com). On the other hand it has artwork by the likes of Fluffy, Raylude, Prophet, and Pandora's Box. It's PBX's art that makes them come back for more. There are other artists to check out too. DO NOT LISTEN to what Encyclopedia Dramatica says about this site. They have no taste in anything and they like to cut themselves.

Pandora's Box

WWOEC's Premiere Artist. He's best known for his mother/son incest pics with a touch of Norman Rockwell. Though some may repulse at his work, others are attracted by it. /co/ is ogling at his current work based on the GITS SAC 2nd Gig episode, Red Data.


Another artist at WWOEC, he's best known drawing lolis getting pumped by throbbing, giant penises. He's more often than not the first to draw hentai/toonrotica of a new show. Unfortunately, he was highly criticized for drawing Lifeldian-style teeth, thus the mini-meme "TEETH".


Yet another WWOEC artist, DarkDP is known for drawing toonrotica of Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents, and other toons. His artwork almost matches the shows themeselves. So much that legal action was almost used because of the similarities.


If anyone can make even the most unfappable cartoon look good, it's Fluffy. /co/ drools all over his works.


This man has the potential to be the next Pandora's Box. He shares /co/'s love for "The Major".


Also known as Master of Puppets, this guy has a decent PBX-style artwork. He also has a furaffinity page and a girlfriend who draws RE art.


An artist who specifically makes art of characters from obscure shows. A perfect example of /34/.


Another artist who uses /34/. Despite being Japanese, he draws artwork of Western toons. Unfortunately due to some personal issues, D-Motors has left WWOEC in October 2007 and had all art his art deleted from the site and the forums. His DA alternate site is also empty. Recently made a comeback to the forums.


A meme derived from the anime series One Piece, derived from the dubbed OP of the series. In a thread involving Mr Fantastic, the leader of the Fantastic Four and a character with basically the same powers as One Piece main character Luffy, somebody quoted a line from the dubbed OP, "He's made of rubber!" Replies quoting the next two lines, "How'd that happen?" and "YO HO HO, HE TOOK A BITE OF GUM-GUM!" soon followed. The final line was also soon altered to "YO HO HO, HE TOOK A BITE OF COSMIC RAYS!" to reflect the actual origin of Mr Fantatsic's powers, and similar alterations are sometimes used for other comic book characters' origins. For example, "YO HO HO, HE TOOK A BITE OF THE HEART SHAPED LEAF!" is used for Black Panther and "YO HO HO, HE TOOK A BITE OF GAMMA RAYS!" for the Hulk.

Bad doodles

/co/ seems to have a fetish when it comes to the common use of bad doodles and reaction images. A large amount of /co/'s tripfags and anons have jumped on this bandwagon, which Vorked Larfleeze claims to have started. Some of these include that hundreds of Blue Beetle images traced from other popular images of /co/ and the internet. Others include horrible drawings of an MSPain Batman with three horns that misspells everything and talks in an annoying manor. Another example is an anon who draws herself as a Green Lantern with yellow eyes for her reaction images.

You're all fucked when the Hulk gets back.

A common reference to a recent Marvel Comics storyline in which the Hulk was locked in a spaceship and sent to another planet by several prominent superheroes, including common targets of /co/ hatred Iron Man and Mister Fantastic. Basically it was the 'Illuminati' except #Namor opposed it (Hulk destroys less underwater shit, plus Namor also works for the Cabal) and Professor X was in a coma or something. So that leaves Black Bolt and Dr. Strange.

Used increased substantially upon the announcement of "World War Hulk", which depicts the events occurring when Hulk "gets back", supported by an army of alien followers and angrier than he's ever been before. So far, Black Bolt and Iron Man (wearing a much uglier version of the Hulkbuster armor ), Mister Fantastic, Dr. Strange have been "fucked".



From Dragonball Z, or more specifically, the ninth DBZ movie entitled "Milky Way at the Brink!! The Super Incredible Guy!" (dub title"Bojack Unbound"), Zangya is the cute yet evil henchwoman of the movie's big bad, Bojack, known for beating the shit out of Krillin, saying only one line, then getting blasted from behind by her boss in an attempt to distract the movie's hero, Son Gohan. She's made three video game appearances... Super Butoden 2, Budokai Tenkaichi 2, and Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Despite being from an anime, and technically, belongs on /a/, she's more or less accepted in /co/. Recently she was featured in a short fanfic alongside Miss Martian where she ended up being swallowed whole by the cute alien Teen Titan. Oh, and her name is pronounced "ZAHN-yah." According to FUNImation, that is. Until recently /34/ of this character was almost non-existant

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