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IRC is a place where people of all types go to chat and share files. IRC was very popular in the late 90s and early 00s for warez. It was also very popular for gaming clans to meet in order to coordinate themselves better.

LURKMORE IRC information

IRC network: (TLS)
 Regular ports: 6667-6669, 8887-8889
 TLS ports: 6697, 7000-7002
Network Channel: #lurkmore.[1]

IRC Clients

Comparison of Internet Relay Chat clients.


Pidgin has IRC built in.


mIRC is a great client for Windows, though there are others that may fit you better.


For Macs you can use Colloquy.


If you are using */Linux and you can't figure it out, that's a shame.


The channels for each site are listed below. You can also get a full list of channels on the network by entering the command /list into your client.


#chanchan is the channel that chanchan moved to after it was decided that EnterTheGame was not a suitable network for the site. Since the birth of chanchan, the channel moved through six IRC networks until it reached the current one.

You will not auto-connect to this channel when you join the network. Use the methods below or whatever works in your client to join the network and channel. Other than the local web browser client, there are also other browser methods, such as IRCCloud and KiwiIRC.

  • Click to connect with your installed client: #chanchan
  • Copy & paste into your client: /server -m -j #chanchan


#malegeneral is where fags used to hang out. At one point it became the most popular channel on the network because sites like Stickam killed the camwhore scene, and then 4chan came along and buried it with /soc/. A short while later, #malegeneral died thanks to 4chan continuing to kill the camwhore scene by also adding boards for faggots.


#tranchan is no longer in use.

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