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On 3-11-2007, Anonymous posted an iSketch invasion thread on /b/ calling for trolling of the cybersex room, which is a constant room on the site and consistently has far more users in it than any other room. Few Anonymous heeded the initial call, launching an unorganized attack of spam, being kicked, and re-entering. The turning point came with the creation of the /b/arracks room, which was held open by one Anonymous who changed the room description to the current target and coordinated other raiders. Several Anonymous used discreet usernames like xxlilslutxx and entered the cyber room, then mass-invited everyone in /b/arracks, which was filling up with more and more invaders as the thread got larger. This was particularly effective after the cyber ops made the room invite-only, because the actual participants of the room were filtering out and were unable to re-enter, while the tide of invaders was barely slowed. Massive lulz were achieved when one of the cybersex ops named Cake misinterpreted a statement by another op and thought she was responsible for the raid, kicking her out. Anonymous was nice enough to invite her back in, and she helped keep the ops busy by constantly being kicked and re-entering.

After over an hour of constant spam, the ops kicked out everyone in the room they didn't know while keeping the room invite-only, thus completely pwning themselves. Anonymous declared this a victory, and the target was changed to The Christian Room. Once again, a few raiders went ahead with discreet nicknames, even engaging in friendly chat with the participants of the room, and invited Anonymous in en masse. The ops there tried the same tactics with the same results, leading to the room being invite only with the three ops inside. "!!!!Under 16 Sex Talk", "Hot_guy's Room", and "**GAY/BI GUYS**" were soon trampled by Anonymous as well, And the target was almost changed to "- - Les/Bi Room" when someone realized the cybersex room had stopped being invite-only.

The raiders re-entered to find that the room now had a couple of /b/tards as operators, fighting against their own /b/retheren for the sake of the cybersex chatroom. Anonymous did not take this lightly. Soon, undercover /b/rothers inside the room were back at work mass-inviting all of Anonymous inside, and the /b/tard ops were resigned to start whining about how /b/ sucks now [that they're invading their cybersex room]. Once again, the room became invite only and the ops kicked everyone but themselves, leaving 10 people in the room to complain to each other.

After the second victory against the Cybersex room, Anonymous crushed The Christian Room again (which was just starting to regroup), the Les/Bi Room, and the newly formed Relationship Advice Room, which led to lots of lulzy advice about sticking it in her pooper. The original poster declared massive victory, and the raid tapered off but still continued into the night, taking down practically every user-created room.

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