IWM-3 Midas

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  • Notable Pilots: None
  • Background: This mech was created during the days before Terra II united under one government. This was the country of Gyaros's attempt at a Mobile Guardian but it's really nothing more than a multi-legged tank. Nontheless, it was the main unit of the Gyaros forces during the wars of unification and was useful in mountain battles. Some older units in the Terran Defense stiil field this, and the Fire Legion has been seen using it.
  • Description: Picture a tank with six legs and two cannons and that's the Midas. It's cockpit is located in the very back of the mech. It's front has two heat stakes on the front if pushed into close range combat.
  • Variants: Since the Fire Legion is lacking in mechs, they field the Midas as the FLM-2 Regula. It has the same capabilities as the Midas only with diffrent colors and one extra weapon.
  • Attacks

60mm Machine Gun- Located on the top of the tank, this is used for lightly armored targets and infantry.

Heat Stakes- The mech runs toward the opponent and rams them with these.

Modified Flame Thrower- FLM-2 Regula only. Located next to the machine gun, this is used against infantry as well as mechs.

Double 105mm Cannon- The mech's main weapon, it's used against other mechs.