Ivanov Slovinski

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Supreme Commander of the JEK faction. He appears to Mina in the form of private video calls, where he taunts her and gives her hints. He has no real care for who wins the war. All he cares about is mentally destroying the leader of the Tyrannis army, his childhood friend, and his one great love, Mina Kusagi.

Age: 38

Nationality: Russian

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White

Mech: N/A


You might describe him as a "Char." He wears Eye-obscuring sunglasses, has long White hair, and is always wearing his red-hued military uniform.


There is something almost playful in how Ivanov wages his war with former childhood friend Mina Kusagi. At the beginning of the central incident, he began contacting Mina, and made a great game of chess out of the whole affair.

His goal, to destroy Mina Kusagi, inside and out, isn't so much a mission of revenge, as it is a mission of love. He loves his former childhood friend, and the only way he can express it is to defeat her, completely and totally.

His death may come, but he is the only real winner of WMC.