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  • Pilot: Tochi Shima
  • Background: The first Elemental Machine that Kochi and his wife created. This one was created to drill into the earth and find natural resources such as oil, and maybe even new ones. Due to the size of the mech, the L.A.B fuel cell was created to provide it power. After the attempt on Kochi's life, Jimenjin received few combat adjustments due to that it's current layout was good enough.
  • Description: This mech is huge. It's emphasis is on armor and size. It's right arm is a claw capable of crushing smaller robots in two. In the middle of said claw is a cannon that fires melting solution. The left arm is essentialy a drill. The body has another drill located in the center of it's chest. This one is fairly large. The head has no neck and is molded straight into the body. The head has a visor instead of eyes, concealing cutting lasers underneath. Finally, the back and back of the legs house the engines. The cockpit is located inside the head.
  • Attacks

Cutting Lasers- Jimenjin's visor opens, firing a sweeping laser blast.

Melting Solution- The mech fires a liquid from it's right arm, enveloping and and/or dissolving the target.

Grapple and Drill- Grabbing the enemy with it's claw arm, Jimenjin lifts it up and drills into it with it's free arm.

Double Drill- Maxing out the engine's output, Jimenjin dashes towrad the enemy. It hits full force with both drills, which spin on impact and demolish the enemy.