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Jukou is an egocentric "troll destroyer" from deviantART, also known as RedCardnal, or "The Thirteenth Black Cat". He thinks he is intelligent, but can't punctuate properly, abuses the caps lock, and is somewhat a stranger to grammar. In a hardly intelligible excerpt from a journal entry;

"Well,after dealing with a army of trolls and venting some of my anger out on deadspace 2 I feel better now,except some people have blocked me.Great,now i'm disliked more,but oh well.I haven't been up to much,just reading and watching gun sword,even though I've seen it already but it's still a epic giant robot fighting show.I also got done watching spice and wolf,it was okay.Eh,I might not be on for the rest of the week,repeat,MIGHT NOT be on for the rest of the week because of STUPID TUPID t-caps that are coming up!Also they count as a 15% of our grades!They ask THE most stupidest and easiest questions on there,though.I know that I WILL pass,but some of the other teens in my grade are DUMBER THAN A SACK OF HAMMER'S!I have friends who are just as artistic as I'am and shown them deviant art already but they don't have computer's or won't be getting on for a while.Also,one of my friends who said that they would never block me,but she did.Guess i shouldn't have believed her and all over because I was having trouble getting my friends list to work,great."

Current Status

He thinks he can make plushies of any fan character he wants, without the owner's permission. After being called out on this, he then took the liberty to pretend to kill everyone he met. In the screencap, he insists on making a plushie of a deviantART user's character, even when she said no: http://i1141.photobucket.com/albums/n586/drewdraw11/jukoureport.png

He also thinks you can delete comments: http://i1141.photobucket.com/albums/n586/drewdraw11/delete.png

Also, Jukou believes that everyone who calls his bullshit is a troll: http://comments.deviantart.com/5/39984865/1962823728

"Hey guiz, dA made it so this troll is banned and won't be able to talk to anyone ever again! But I can't prove it because she's still here!" http://i1141.photobucket.com/albums/n586/drewdraw11/proveit.png