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  • Pilot: Soyo Shima
  • Background: The 4th Elemental Machine created. It was originally made to study wind patterns to better utilize wind as an energy source. It was built without lethal weapons. It would be after the attempt on Kochi's life he would add such weapons, so he can protect himself and his faimly. The Kazejin was nearly dstroyed in it's attempt to stop the Oyujin and Hijin and wasn't rebuilt until the awakening of the Yoma.
  • Description: The lightest out of all of the Elemental machines, it's armor is the weakest, making it the most agile of the 5 Machines. It's Gale Blasters are located on the back of it's hands. Vents are located on the mech's shoulders and palms, capable of shooting jets of air at the enemy. The Gale Saber is located inside the right leg. The head has a faceguard and two eyes. The back houses the hover unit that makes the mech fly. The cockpit is located in the chest.
  • Attacks

Gale Blaster- The mech fires beams from it's hands.

Gale Blaster Salvo- Map Attack. Kazejin fires Gale Blasts all around itself.

Gale Saber- Slashes from a modified beam saber.

Tempest Crash- Kazejin fires jets of air from it's shoulders, sending the target flying. Kazejin speeds above the enemy and fires more jets of air from it's palms, sending the enemy crashing into the ground.

Storm's Eye- The mech slashes the enemy several times with the Gale saber and propels the enemy into the air with jet of air from it's palm. Kazejin then slices through the enemy with blinding speed.