Ken Masurao

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  • Rank: Captain
  • Age: 26
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Description: Ken is a Mobile Guardian captain with a major chip on his shoulder. Most people mistake this as a sign of weakness, but he fools them with his piloting skills. Hairstyle is short and spiked on the front.
  • Background: Ken Masurao grew up in a military faimly and enlisted when he was old enough, wanting to apply his anger to something useful. If you ask him why he's angry all the time, you'll just get a punch in the face. Deep down, he's a likable guy but he puts his duty above anything else. He was the one who drove Itachi away when he attacked the ceremony that claimed the lives of many. He has since developed a rivalry with him. He sees the Shima siblings as unneeded help at first, but grows to accept them. When the Yoma reawaken, Ken sees a new enemy to throw his anger at along with his Auge.