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An advanced XM of the Tsarevna class, and one of the most dangerous XMs during the war. Ladjas are much like advanced Peskas, their size and power making them a terrifying presence on the battlefield. As such, they are usually given only to commanders or ace pilots.

One Ladja of note was piloted by Pomfret Akumu, who used it following his demotion and being stripped of the Korol. Proving even more skilled with Ladja, he would use the unit to enormous effect during the remainder of the war, often clashing against Alexander Kanbara and his Kerykeion Mark III. In the aftermath of the war, Ladja would be the only XM to survive, and Pomfret would continue to use it on his own during the second season.

General Specifications

  • All-range combat unit, with equal capability at long and close range.
  • While the alien is effectively immortal and generates all power for its weaponry itself, the armor controlling it is powered by fuel cells which provide it with an operating time of three hours - after this, the armor is designed to automatically lock down to prevent the alien from going berserk. Pomfret's Ladja has this restraining bolt customized so that it must be activated manually.
  • Stands 24 meters at attention.
  • Capable of jumping up to 400 meters, displaying limited hovering capabilities but not full flight.
  • One pilot seated in cockpit in back of the neck, wired into the spine.


  • Advanced energy manipulation abilities enable Ladja to release concussive bolts of blood-red energy from its hands or form long beam sabers over them. In addition, it is a strong physical fighter, capable of powerful punches and kicks.


  • High-density organic compound providing strong protection against most forms of attack. External armor is 2-inch Titanitefloalloy, though designed primarily as a restraining device rather than for protection.

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