Legend of the Brave Beast Predamax

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  • Story: 65 Million years ago, the Dinosaur Kingdom was at its pinnacle until it entered a conflict with a mysterious Empire that arose from the underground and entered a massive world war that lasted until the empire unleashed a horrifying super weapon that accidentally caused an Asteroid to impact upon Earth, causing the downfall of the Dinosaur Kingdom and forcing the mysterious empire to retreat to the underground to await its time to strike again. The super weapon exploded into several parts and were scattered around Earth, awaiting to be found. The Dinosaur Kingdom knew that this day would come when all of the super weapon parts would be found again, so as their last legacy, they buried a metallic warrior in the shape of their mightiest warrior, the Tyrannosaur Rex!

65 Million years later, a group of archaeologists and paleontologists are on an expedition to Canada in search of a rumored fossil that defies logic. One day, the son of the leader of the expedition discovers a Ruby stone engraved with mysterious writing and later that night, he wanders into the forest around the site and drops down a hole and comes to face with a certain Metallic dinosaur...

  • Factions:

Dinosaur Kingdom: The Creator of the Metal Rex and the mysterious Preda Stone

The Domain of the Ancient Ones: The Empire who the Dinosaur Kingdom fought a brutal war that came to a horrifying end 65 Million years ago and the creator of the super weapon Ragnarök

Geo Defense League: The League that was formed after the Domain of the Ancient Ones arose and crippled a majority of the world's governments in a surprise attack

  • Characters: (under construction

Finshers: Sprial Flasher, Beast Slasher

Hidden Finisher: Nova Flasher

Super Predamax (Predamax + Hovertank)

Coming soon!

Finishers: Super Sprial Flasher, Super Beast Slasher, Burst Flasher

Giga Predamax (Predamax + Hovertank + Flying Wing)

Coming Soon!

Finshers: Giga Sprial Flasher, Giga Beast Slasher, Max Burst Flasher, Beast Impact

Hidden Finisher: Final Nova Flasher

  • Arcs:

Canadian Arc:

Nazca Arc:

Atlantis Arc:

Egyptian Arc:

Alto Cielo Arc:

Lemuria Arc:

The Moon Arc:

Mars Arc:

  • Mecha:
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Predamax Mark IIC.jpg

Colored Version, Thanks to PGM-00!