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Full Name: Chimera Mk.IX (CP-8 3H544 prototype)

Pilot: Akira Connors

specializing in Long range combat and stealth

Linus is all about the guns. His color scheme should involve camoflage. A large sniper rifle lives on Linus's back. He also needs a Gundam Sandrock-esc cloak. Extra points if you call it the "Security blanket" and have it be an advanced, super-strong Chamoflage polymer.

Weapons and Abilities

Stealth as defense

The design ethic behind Linus seems to be "If you can't see it, you can't hit it." It can certainly take a few hits, but not as many as it's sister mech can. To make up for it, Linus is designed to be able to blend in to the scenery and pick off enemies from afar.

It's main asset in this is the "Security Blanket" system. A cloak made from a metallic weave cloth, that when charged with a magnetic field, will take on the color of it's surroundings. It's not perfect, but it's more than adequate for the purpose of camouflage.


Linus' selection of guns should rival Lucy's selection of CQ weaponry. Very few are meant for in-close fighting.

Sniper Rifle: Perhaps the main weapon in Linus' arsenal. A large, high-powered sniper rifle lives on the back of the mech.
Machine gun selection: His chest plate, kneecaps, face, and individual fingers all open up to reveal high-powered machine guns.
Gattling gun: Concealed in both lower arms. Other: Arranged underneath the cloak are a selection of other upscaled mech weapons, attached to the mech via strong magnetic pull. This includes 2 Handguns, 1 machine gun which should resemble an American design, and 2 shotguns. These are the "walking around weapons" so to speak.


Ammo. Linus has a very large capacity for extra ammunition stores, but once that runs dry, the most he can really do is hit enemies with his guns or use his fists. Several battles worth can be loaded at one time, but it must be refilled often.

Thankfully, since WM ammunition is fairly uniform, it can usually be salvaged from downed enemies.