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Full Name: Chimera Mk.VIII (CP-8 3H543 prototype)

Pilot: Felecia Arlington

A Close-quarters mech with high armor and constitution

Lucy is a bulky mech. don't fall into the trap of turning her into a vagina-bot just because the pilot is a woman. Her main weapons are a selection of super-heated melee weapons.

Weapons and abilities

Very High Defense

Lucy is constructed of a very strong new mettalic composite, which offers her a very strong armor. machine gun fire is like throwing pellets at Lucy, although, just like anything, if too much stress is put on the armor at any one time, it will begin to give.

To offer some additional defense, a large shield can be detached from Lucy's left arm, and made to extend to cover the full height of the mech.

A note for general SRW combat though. Since Lucy was not constructed with Beams in mind, she would only have the normal defense against them.

Close Combat minded

All over Lucy's frame, there are several places where a hatch might be opened and a weapon might be taken from therin. She should have at least one of each type of weapon. All of the weapon compartments are made directly adjacent to a circulatory system of superhot liquid. Because they are made of the same composite material as Lucy, the weapons don't warp or break because of the great heat, but they do glow red when they are pulled from Lucy's body for the first time. Weapons generally reach temperatures of hundreds of degrees, allowing them to cut through enemies like butter.

Axe: Two one-handed axes that are retrieved from either shoulder (Or wherever is convenient on your design)
Spear: Extends greatly outward from it's compact size inside Lucy's body.
Tonfa: Simply extends from Lucy's wrists.
Hand-to-hand: A dangerous but effective maneuver is to direct the superheated liquid to Lucy's hands, and to tear into enemies with them. Probably one of the more violent and viceral ways to go about things, but also probably the coolest.

Though not technically an attack, Lucy could probably improvise the superhot liquid circulating inside of it into a crude weapon by simply "opening a vein" and spraying the enemy with it. There are emergency exhaust pipes which can jettison the dangerous liquid in case of leakage into the engine or coolant systems, in which case a meltdown may occur.


Although Lucy has a great deal of protection, it's hardly perfect. As such, if attacked over and over by missiles or heavy gunfire, her armor will eventually give way.

Her armor, once cracked, is a stone bitch to fix. Since it is super-resistant to heat and concussive damage, welding and hammering are exercises in futility. Mending the armor take a set of specialty tools in a laboratory setting, which is difficult to improvise outside of that.

Another downside is if the Superhot liquid is ever Jettisoned. It basically acts as napalm to the surrounding scenery, and will hurt allies as well as enemies. As the specific makeup of the liquid does not occur in nature as well, it is difficult to fabricate some more once it is gone. This liquid also makes climbing inside Lucy for regular maintainence a dangerous event.