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male general is the child of chansluts. It was created on 2008/08/12 due to a huge demand from male posters to have a place to upload their images. It all started with a board on chansluts, which grew to immense size and spawned male general. This set of imageboards is meant for male camwhores and male pornography.

List of Current Imageboards


Camwhores is for pictures of attractive men, excluding pictures that prominently feature their feet and pictures depicting fetish activity (piss, shit, furry, etc etc) arranged in ONE-CAMWHORE-PER-THREAD threads. Pictures of attractive male camwhores in front of bookshelves are fine (boring, if that's all they ever post especially if they're more than fully dressed in all of the pictures, but fine). Pictures of said bookshelf without the MALE, NON-TRAP, NON-CROSSDRESSING, NON-TRANNY camwhore are not fine. Pictures totally unrelated to the camwhore, ie, pictures of celebrities, image macros, PICTURES THAT ARE NOT OF THE FUCKING MALE, NON-TRAP, NON-CROSSDRESSING CAMWHORE etc are not permitted. Also cross dressing, trap or trans related posts are meant for tranchan.

Ugly Camwhores

Ugly Camwhores is for unattractive self-posting camwhores. The same rules as from /mg/ apply, except any motherfuckers can post in here no matter how hideous they may be.


Fetish is for male fetish images unrelated to cross dressing, trapping and trans activities, as those things belong at tranchan.

Dongs / Manporn

Manporn is for porn and requests for porn. Camwhores who wish to post nothing but shots of their cocks may post in here as well.

Random/Unrelated Faggotry

Random/Unrelated Faggotry is the Random board for male general. It is basically a free-for-all shitshow where anything not covered above goes as long as it's legal.

List of Closed Imageboards

Camwhore Video Share

Camwhore Video Share was a not very well used imageboard dedicated to sharing videos of camwhores.


Footfags was an imageboard for foot fetishists. This was merged into a general fetish board.

High Resolution

High Resolution was an imageboard for pictures (of men) that contain a minimum of 1.5 million pixels.

/mg/ whorrent

The male general video torrent was 86GB.

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