Meow Mix

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Squirrel cheeks
standing around like a whore
laughing while wearing headphones for only God knows what reason
Cute, but furry

Meow Mix appeared on chanchan one December day in 2006. She was kinda drunk at the time, which is why she posted pics in the first place. Very soon after, the grandmaster pedophile Libertine made his attack and started this wiki page.

Sadly, she only delivered 3 very badly taken photos and nothing useful was shown.

Some shit

  • Likes pain.
  • 19 years old.
  • Is just 4'11", which of course is really, really cute.
  • Weighs 103 lbs, neatly packed into all the right places.
  • Looked pretty darn hot at 120 lbs too.
  • Thinks her cheeks make her look like a squirrel.
  • Boobs = 34D
  • Allegedly makes a mean lasagna.
  • Is an awesome cook in general.
  • Is obsessed with sex.
  • Usually doesn't wear panties.
  • Was kicked out of Catholic school for not wearing panties.
  • Likes Dean Martin, more so than Frank Sinatra.
  • Has small feet, so she's easy to topple.
  • Has sneaky nipples
  • Calls food, "foof" even when shes talking IRL.
  • Loves video games.
  • Is going to go to college to make them.
  • Is an actress and a singer. Has been in a lot of musicals.
  • Likes requests for certain pictars.
  • Has a hamster named Beowulf and a rabbit named Dino.
  • Can mix drinks and wants to bartend.
  • Is mostly drunk, and generally stubborn.

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