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Windows is the name of the operating system released by Microsoft. If you want to be a gamer, you'll likely be using Windows, though Linux, mainly Ubuntu, may start to become a gaming powerhouse in late 2012 and during 2013.

Command Prompt

In Windows, Command Prompt is a command line utility where more advanced operations can be performed.

When you are told to open an elevated Command Prompt, that instructing you to run Command Prompt as administrator. If you have UAC disabled, you can just run Command Prompt as you normally would. If you don't know what UAC settings you are using, or don't know what it is, it's likely that you have to find the Command Prompt shortcut in the Start menu and right click on it to select Run as administrator.

Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is the file manager in Windows operating systems. It was renamed File Explorer in Windows 8 and later.

Tips and Tricks

Fix partitions on drive when no options provided in Disk Management

Steps to fix the partitions on a drive when Windows Disk Management doesn't provide any options for deleting partitions.

  1. Open an elevated Command Prompt.
  2. diskpart
  3. list disk
  4. Note the disk number that corresponds to your drive.
  5. Select disk X where X is the number from step 4.
  6. list partition
  7. select partition 0
  8. delete partition
  9. select partition 1
  10. delete partition
  11. create partition primary
  12. exit
  13. Exit Command Prompt (enter exit or just close the window)
  14. In Windows Explorer, go to Computer and try to open the disk. It will ask you to format it.
  15. Format it with the default settings and optionally give it a name.

Select "No to All"

While copying files in Microsoft Windows you might be asked whether you want to replace an existing file or folder. You will be given four options: Yes, Yes to All, No, and Cancel. Oddly, No to All is missing.

Selecting No to All is extremely simple. Hold down the Shift key and select No.

Reduce the size of WinSxS folder

Note: this is for Windows 7 users who installed the Service Pack updates themselves. If your system came with SP1 already installed, this won't do anything when you run it.

You can reduce the Microsoft Windows 7 WinSxS folder's size by about 3GB, on average. The process is extremely simple.

  1. Open an elevated Command Prompt.
  2. Enter dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded.

Let it run and you're done!

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