Mina Kusagi

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Supreme Commander of the Tyrannis faction. When the trouble starts, she at first feels obligated to "bring the troops home" so to speak, but as the show goes on, her motives change to that of obsessive need to one-up Ivanov Slovinski at every turn, no matter who gets in the way.

Age: 32

Nationality: Japanese

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Mech: Schultz


She should have long, dark hair, and piercing black eyes. Should perhaps, remind one of Misato from EVA, except about 10x meaner.


The ruthless supreme commander of the Tyrannis forces, and former childhood friend of the rival commander, Ivanov Slovinski.

Over the course of the story, her mission to recover the Chimeras becomes so ingrained in her, and she becomes so obsessed with defeating her rival, Ivanov, that she loses sight of nearly everything that is actually important.