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MySpace is a place where retards and Americans (and any other retards on the planet) go to feel good about themselves by adding anyone they can as a 'friend' and post huge amounts of retarded quizes daily. Best known as the largest concentration of emo fags and pedophiles on the internet.

Anonymous Rule

Despite MySpace being one of the biggest cesspools of faggotry on the internet, (to be destroyed in the Day of Reckoning) there is a sizable presence of Anonymous there, all of whom run joke accounts and groups to provide a safe haven for /b/tards when the /i/nsurgency attacks again.

To combat against spies, we will not list the pages of Anonymous here. However, any true Anonymous will be able to spot these pages and groups from a mile away.


kt_loves_kay/Thanksgiving MySpace raid

Now called the "Thanksgiving Raid," an enterprising young /i/nsurgent named Shiahgo discovered a flaw in a random person's MySpace page: The email address she used no longer existed! This fellow, known as 'Shiago' registered the email so as to retrieve her password, change the pass and then, quite literally, 'own' the account with no way for 'Katie' to get it back. Things soon escalated when Shiahgo posted guro and yaoi all over Katie's page, prompting her friends to start threatening him over IM, with threats to call the police. Shiago soon met up with 'Maxter,' who was one of Katie's real-world friends. He made a deal to hand over the password of Katie's MySpace page to him so he could give it to Katie, in exchange for Katie's phone number. After Maxter handed over the phone number, Shiahgo laughed at him and posted Katie's phone number on /i/, prompted a barrage of prank phone calls.

Things were dragged out further when a Flash redirection was posted, that would send viewers to a fake MySpace login screen, prompting users to 'log in,' when in reality it was saving their MySpace usernames and passwords. A couple dozen accounts belonging to Katie's friends were further vandalized with various types of /d/-style pornography, as well as linkage to the fake login screen, effectively starting a v/i/rus among the group of friends. Shiahgo decided to declare "Katies" Myspace now /i/'s official Myspace. Later on, famous troll Captain Cornflake would join in, bringing along a band of followers from the Zelda Universe IRC channel to aid in the havok.

Further scripts were soon posted on /i/, including a vulnerability in the QuickTime plugin that would redirect somebody's browser, which was used to redirect to more fake MySpace login pages. After dozens of accounts belonging to Katie's friends were hijacked, anonymous escalated it to an all-out war on random MySpace fags, with the v/i/rus spreading through the friends lists of her friends accounts, and spreading like wildfire. Eventually, many of the accounts were deleted by MySpace admins, but it was too late as things had spread too far, with the phished passwords being put to use on the email and even ISP accounts belonging to people who had their accounts phished. After over a week of phishing and devastation, anonymous declared massive victory, with over a thousand accounts stolen, defaced, and then promptly deleted by MySpace admins. A site-wide bulletin was later posted by Tom, addressing the issue of phishing and stolen accounts, though not naming 7chan directly as most of the sold/i/ers had blamed Ebaums World and 4chan.

It should also be noted that this raid was different from usual raids. Whereas most raid victims are targeted for some sort of faggotry or injustice against Anonymous, the victims of the kt_loves_kay/Thanksgiving MySpace raid just happened to be people who had their passwords phished. However, it can be argued that since they were stupid enough to give up their password to a fake login page (which even had the image detailing on how to tell if the login page was a fake) then they were worthy of raiding. Furthermore, it can be argued that since they were on MySpace, they were worthy of being raided, without mercy, as MySpace is considered just as bad, if not worse than, places like Gaia Online.

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