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4chan memes seem to pop up at all the invasions!

On July 28, 2006, a few bored anonymous's posted links to No Porn Pledge a site prompting visitors to sign a pledge to "not use pornography in any format and not knowingly enter into any intimate relationship with a person who uses pornography in any format." Given what images at /b/ usually consist of, anonymous thought this site to be funny, and worthy of a minor invasion. Within minutes, the online pledge list, previously consisting of people who pledged to never use pornography, was now flooded with 4chan memes. Eventually, people discovered they could post images into the text fields, and one person used <IFRAME> to iframe 4chan on the page, thereby keeping all the other pledges signed before to not load. The page currently reads 'This site was hacked by people who believe in censorship. We're working to restore it. Please be patient.'

It was later revealed that some anonymous's had hacked into the NPP database, deleted tons of signatures and changed sql passwords so the site could not be restored. A post was found on 4chan confirming this:

"My feminist sister Patty works with the Anti Porn Activist Network on the No Porn Pledge website. She explains the site well:
“This site was created as an answer to those who claim that “everyone uses porn,” and to those who try to make you feel isolated and weird because you’re uncomfortable with pornography use. One of the goals of pro-porners is to get you to think you’re uncool or asexual because you don’t like porn, like you’re the one with the problem. As a result, far too many people - especially women - go around thinking they’re the “only ones” who dislike porn, and we know that simply isn’t true. Our goal is to make you feel more comfortable about your discomfort with porn. You are definitely not the only one. ”
Anyway, her site was hacked by a group of idiots who love porn. We know who they are, and their site is racist, proporn and contains pictures of a potentially illegal nature (it’s difficult to tell, but child pornography was mentioned in the description I received). The No Porn Pledge database was deleted and the passwords changed so she can’t delete the new “proporn” signatories. At one point they had posted porn pictures all over the site. APAN now has to pay theirhosting service $150 to restore the data.
It would be nice if we could donate some money to APAN to defray the costs and maybe move the NPP site to a better hosting service. You can go to Paypal and use “antiporn_activist at yahoo dot com” as the seller’s address to send money.
So, if anyone tells you that supporters of pornography are all about free speech, well, know it’s not always true."

Sometime around August 20-22, No Porn Pledge was restored, along with a backup of previous signers to the pledge. Viewers of the Pledge List will see a giant gap between July 25 and August 22. Recon says that a future raid (with the same horrifying results, if not worse) as the original is easily possible, though it is unknown when or if this is going to happen.

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