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Normalfags are the kinds of people that lurk outside in real life, outside of your room and habitation, offline of the internet. They are many a neckbeard's, internetfag's, and anon's envy, measure of worthiness, and aspiration they wish to become. They are also known as cocksuckers, and help to define the derogatory aspects of society we all wish to erase with a gun and other tools of death. Not to be confused with people.


Normalfags are the kinds of people who "live" a "normal" life, or so as percieved. Specifically in the Western and American world, normalfags are the kinds of people who are assholes, live a five day 8 hour work week, gain an income.... and are utterly fucked in debt because of them attending "higher education", needing to pay for their car, and their home, and whatever necessities they need, alone. To ease this kind of stress, they often engage in activities of recreation accepted by most like sheeple, and most often have a lot of skeletons in their closet. Double standards and hypocrisy are very normal for them to practice in ignorance. They often like to use the word weird when they are confronted with something that contrasts to their uncanny valley like lives.

It should be noted, the definition of normal is essentially the status quo set by a mass majority of people. Slavery, child sex, and racial discrimination was considered normal not so long ago, so it should be taken with some thought to whether you're up to being normal in your current surroundings or not.

Why internetfags desire to ascend to their being