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Directed by

Produced by
Quentin Tarantino

Written by

Matt Daemon
Anonymous Stalker
Dakota Fanning
Morgan Freeman

Edited by

Distributed by
chanchan Pictures

May 22nd 2007 (in theaters), Never! (DVD)

118 min.

United States


$6, button, gummybear, stuffed anteater, lint

Octonator is an erotic action/thriller/pornographic film directed and written by Alde, created by RedLetterDay, and produced by Quentin Tarantino.


The movie starts out with The Daughter and The Dad driving to hawaii on vaction after The Dad's wife left him. The Dad finds an ancient cursed tiki idol (voiced by Michael McConnohie) on the beach. The Scary Black Island Mystic Guy, a war-veteren octopus, warns them not to take it. "Suh, don't be takin' that idol now. You best leave it where it lies, suh," he says. The Daughter has a bad feeling about this cursed tiki idol.

Later that night, in the hotel room, it turns into a horrible tentacle monster. The Daughter, browsing chanchan like the whore she is, is raped by this monster. She then grows tentacles, and eventually becomes a full-fledged tentacle monster, herself.

Elsewhere, The Dad hits his head on a surfboard.

The-Daughter-now-turned-tentacle-monster tentacle rapes The Mom. Just like The Daughter, she also turns into a tentacle monster.


  • Matt Daemon — The Dad
  • Anonymous Stalker — The Mom
  • Dakota Fanning — The Daughter
  • Morgan Freeman — The Scary Black Island Mystic Guy
  • Michael McConnohie — Voice of Evil Tiki Idol (Octonator)

Additional Cast/Other

  • Maddeth-chan - Random loli that gets eaten.
  • Bill Mathers - The Beaver
  • Jim Carrey — Zombies #1, #3, and #6
  • John Cleese — Zombies #2, #4, and #5
  • KingSchwill — Drunken Zombie #1, #2, and #3