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  • Pilot: Laika Sakmoto
  • Background: The 2nd Elemental Machine created. It was created to search for resources deep within the planet's oceans. For this task it was given heavy armor to withstand the deep sea pressure. It was given missle armaments and a sonic cannon after the attempt on Kochi's life. It was stolen by Laika Sakamoto and joined the Fire Legion. It would later fight against the Yoma, where it would be destroyed in battle.
  • Description: This mech focusing on armor and size, like Jimenjin. It's head is also molded into the body like Jimenjin. The head has a visor. Unlike Jimenjin it has humaniod arms and hands. A port on the left arm fires it's spider nets. The back is essentialy a huge missle launcher, with multiple ports. The chest contains an ultrasonic cannon. The cockpit is located in the head.
  • Attacks

Water Spider Net- A net with razor-sharp wire is fired from it's arm.

8-way Missle- Map Attack. Fires a missle that spilts into 8 pieces and bombards the area.

Cruise Missles- Oyujin fires two large missles at the enemy.

Sonic Bazooka- A Bazooka that fires focused sound waves at the enemy.

Water Spider Hell- Oyujin traps the enemy in a net and throws them in water. Oyujin bombards the enemy with missles and finishes with a Sonic Bazooka shot.

Ultrasonic Cannon- Oyujin opens it's chest, revealing an experimental cannon. It fires off high frequency waves of sound that demolishes enemies caught in them.