PM-2 Phengos

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  • Notable Pilots: Mai Yamazaki, Yari Kishimoto
  • Background: A prototype Mobile Guardian built during the late stages of the final unification war. It was essentially a test bed for beam techology. In combat, it's focus was on ranged combat. It also has a experimental internal beam shield that negates bullets and positron beams. The GM-4 Belos was the mass production model, minus the beam shield and extra beam weapons. When the base storing this unit was attacked by the Yoma, Mai Yamazaki was able to secure the unit and destroy the attackers. It would then be assigned to Yari Kishimoto of Griffon Squad for the remainder of the war. Only two models were ever created, the first one put into storage.
  • Description: A mech that focuses on armor and long range attacks. Like tbe Auge it's head has two eyes and no mouth. It's shoulders have two beam guns on them. It's cannons are located on it's back, but deploy on the sides of the mech's shoulders when in use. It's left arm has a built in beam gun and the right arm contains a beam variant of a strike anchor. The ankles both have beam guns on them. The feet not only contain wheels but retractable clamps to ground the mech when firing it's cannons. The cockpit is located in the mech's stomach, because the chest houses the beam shield unit.
  • Variants: None, although the first model is said to have greater performance.
  • Attacks

Small Beam Gun- The beam guns on the ankles and shoulders are used for low armored and weakened targets.

Beam Gatling- The beam gun in the left arm is capable of rapid fire.

Beam Strike Anchor- This beam variant of the Strike Anchor rips through armor better than the previous version.

Double Beam Cannon- These cannons are the mech's main weapon and have great range.

Concentrated Fire- The mech fires it's Beam Strike Anchor, impaling the target. The mech reels it in and fires it's beam gatling at close range. It then throws the target mech into the sky and lets loose with all it's long range weapons.