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Pedobear is an ASCII art creature. This one, predictably, looks like a bear and is often sighted with loli. Spawned the Pedo Bear Seal of Approval, shopped from old Nintendo games. Originally Kuma from 2ch, who is not a pedophile at all, is a nature lover, and supposedly hates Ronald McDonald.

A few users started an in-joke whereby one would post Osakaphone saying something, and the other would post Kuma with a response. As the posts began getting more and more sexually oriented, paired with the innocence and widely-held immaturity of Osaka, led some to dub Kuma as being "pedo" for her. Pedobear is used in conjunction with pictures of underage girls.

Used in CP threads
CP Threat Level Elevated - Pedobear.gif
CP Threat Level Extreme - Pedobear.gif
CP Threat Level Over 9000.gif
Pedobear - I Swear I Didn't Know She Was 3.jpg
Pedobear - 12 Years Old And Mixed Up With Coke.jpg
Seal of Approval in patch form