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The first Xenomorphic Module to appear, the Peska serves a similar role to the Kerykeion as an all-purpose ground trooper. Like all XMs, it is essentially a cosmic-horror-in-armor, an alien life-form surgically altered to restrain and control it.

General Specifications

  • All-range combat unit, with a specialty in mid-range combat.
  • While the alien is effectively immortal and generates all power for its weaponry itself, the armor controlling it is powered by fuel cells which provide it with an operating time of three hours - after this, the armor is designed to automatically lock down to prevent the alien from going berserk.
  • Stands 18 meters at attention.
  • Capable of jumping up to 300 meters, but incapable of flight.
  • One pilot seated in cockpit in back of the neck, wired into the spine.


  • One combination beam saber/rifle forming the entirety of the left arm, capable of functioning as a mid-caliber beam rifle at range or a serrated energy blade for melee combat. The energy-based blade provides it with superior cutting power over a physical blade, but makes it vulnerable to blocking with energy shielding.


  • High-density organic compound providing moderate protection against most forms of attack. External armor is 1-inch Titanitefloalloy, though designed primarily as a restraining device rather than for protection.

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