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The rightmost tromboner playing in the Nishiura v. Tousei game in Ookiku Furikabutte has quite an interesting look.
A somewhat common form of complainable QUALITY is something known as "Fish-eyeing", where animators place a character's eyes too far apart and thusly making them look like some sort of fish-hybrid. Miscalculated eye-placement is something fans will easily notice, as seen in the pic. Fish-eyeing is a particularly common problem in KyoAni's KEY adaptations, this one coming from Kanon. It was even more common in AIR, and less often but still noticably present in Clannad, meaning KyoAni is atleast trying to improve.
Sometimes multiple examples of quality can be seen in a single shot.

Originated from /a/, QUALITY images refers to screenshots/pictures in anime or manga that are horribly substandard. They are usually the product of shitty "in-between" animation (or shots that transition from key frame to key frame) or the farming out to cheap third party animators or artists. Usually, the clearest indicators of QUALITY are characters who are drawn off-model, with distorted eyes, choppy and/or inconsistent animation sequences and facial distortions (when unintended to be a gag). Intentional "face faults" used to emphasize gags and humor are not QUALITY, but beyond that the defnintion of the term is not clear.

There's no brink for determining whether or not something is QUALITY, meaning ugly artwork just becomes whatever a viewer doesn't like. Some /a/ssholes have taken QUALITY to just mean "shitty" artwise, plotwise or in general, rather than specifically shitty animation, and cyclical shitstorms occur when Anonymous argues over the technicalities and criteria for the definition of this term.

/a/ usually blames GONZO for the proliferation of QUALITY in recent anime, since they were the first studio to start cutting corners during production. A fine example of QUALITY is Musashi Gundoh and many scenes in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, though The Cabbage is often seen as the most coveted instance of QUALITY ever. Curiously, the all-female manga group CLAMP often draws "noodle people" with unusually long limbs and lanky bodies as an intentional part of their art style, which are often considered QUALITY by those who dislike the unrealistic proportions. Even usually well drawn and animated shows sometimes have moments of QUALITY caused by blowing the budget on amazing animation and effects in other episodes.

Terms of QUALITY

QUALITY can be a part of the animation, or even the physics behind the animation. One of the popular examples of this is something that's come to be called "QUALITY Van", which refers to an exceedingly poorly animated car-chase sequence from episode 7 of the anime Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica. This infamous sequence shows numerous physical impossibilities and serves as a great example of just how cheap animators can be in portraying action. The entire sequence can be watched on YouTube, known as The Worst Anime Car Chase of All Time.


Common protest against bad or exaggerated anatomy (see for example Code Geass and other CLAMP works).


Not related to Raito from Death Note. Commonly yelled as protest against bad aspect ratio (duh) of screenshots. Often caused by taking a 16:9 screenshot and saving it as 4:3, or by assuming that DVDs have square pixels (the former produces worse results than the latter). Aspect ratio differences between different TV channels have also known to make the effects on nutbladders worse or better, depending on your perspective.


Bad perspective. I think you get the picture now.


You don't get the picture.

Examples of QUALITY



Ginga Densetsu Weed

These are supposed to be dogs...

Death Note




One Piece


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