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  • Pilot: Gou Shima
  • Background: The fifth and final Elemental Machine created by Kochi Shima and his wife, Mai Yamazaki. This model is radically diffrent from the others in the fact that it gains power from it's respective element, lightning, in addition to the L.A.B fuel cell. It was originally created as a testbed for conducting mass quantities of energy. In combat it relies on it's speed and skills with it's lightning attacks. It is much more geared towards combat in response to the attempt on Kochi's life.
  • Description: A sleek mech with emphasis on the arms, back, and head. The forearms each have a half of what looks like an overgrown taser. These two halves combine to make a mech-sized taser capable of dispensing vast amounts of electricity. The Head has two eyes and a mouth guard. The top of the head has what looks like a bent mini lightning rod. The back has two retractable lightning rods for gathering lightning and converting it to energy. The chest also conceals a cannon inside it. The cockpit is located in the lower chest, just below the cannon.
  • Attacks

Impulse Ball- Raijin generates energy in his hand and throws it.

Flash Striker- Raijin speeds toward the enemy and hits the enemy with one of his forearm tasers. He then spins around and hits with the other, speeding away.

Reverse Flash Striker- Raijin calls down lightning, magnetizing himself and pulling the enemy toward him. He delivers a electrically charged punching combo, ending it with a spin kick.

Zoom Cannon- Raijin unleashes a huge arcing blast of electricity from the cannon in his chest.

Speed Force Overload- Raijin calls down lightning, charging the rods on his back and head. Firing off a few Impulse Balls he dashes toward the enemy. As the enemy is hit by the projectiles, Raijin hits the enemy with five flash strikers and a point blank Impulse Ball. He then finished the enemy by bringing the forearm tasers together, overloading the enemy with electricity.