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Rayven is gay for ps3.jpg

Rayven is a 16 year old trap first started posting on chansluts in /tsg/ and then moved over to posting on /tg/. She went by the name of "Rayven" when posting in /tg/ and it stuck. She tells that her name she uses when trapping is Danni, and that her biological middle name is in fact, Ray, which is where the nickname comes from. At first not winning the love, but slowly started gaining rep and praise. She didn't start out as pretty as she is now, like most. Like a lot of traps, she's a hardcore gamer, from oldschool to new school. From what she's said, she doesn't play racing games at all, and fighting games "lose her interest fast." But is a big fan of RPGs and shooters, claiming to "pwn arse on all the n00bz." From what I've heard, she lost her gag reflex from a recent, and bad case of Strep Throat. And also has a "hormonal imbalance" causing her to form breasts, curves, and pretty much everything else along those lines without the aide of hormones.

Rayven has been on hormones for a few weeks, and then started posting on tranchan again under the /tg/ board. Her welcoming back went off without a hitch and was met with much love from all of her fans. She seems to be updating pretty regularly, but if past serves as a possibility for the future, she might start updating haphazardly again. She recently did a cam show for purportedly 3 hours or so, and someone took a lot of screencaps and sent them to her, as per her request. In which, she uploaded them for all of us to enjoy.

She has Myspace, Vampirefreaks, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Deviantart.

Rayven also has MSN, AIM, and Yahoo, as well as an XBL account and PSN:

MSN: is mainly tinypkew@live.com, her old one was xxsedatedxx@hotmail.com, but she doesn't get on that one any more

AIM: myxmissingxheart

YIM: synthetic_imperfection@yahoo.com

Gamertag: Chroma Bat

PSN: standxalone